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  • Why do girls sleep in hotel the night before debut? I am Italian but I have Philippine friend.?

    I understand the tradition of debut (intended in the old times as enter the society and maybe find a husband after childhood spent only with family), but I found peculiar this fact of spending the night before debut out of home. I asked why and I was answered that is tradition, but I'm very curious about traditions, because usually they have a deep meaning about concept of life itself. I and my Philippine friend live in Italy, so maybe this is just for Italian Philippine community, but I would be glad to know a little more this important celebration of Philippine culture

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  • Baudelaire e il "colpo di ventaglio"?

    Sto cercando la poesia di Baudelaire in cui si fa riferimento ad un "colpo di ventaglio" che neanche si sentiva ma che ha causato dei disastri inenarrabili. Qualcuno la conosce?

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