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- Elle me dit, c’est ta vie, fais c’que tu veux, tant pis, un jour tu comprendras, un jour tu t’en voudras. Elle me dit, t’es trop nul, sors un peu de ta bulle, tu fais n’importe quoi on dirait que t’aimes ça. Pourquoi tu gâches ta vie? -Spread our codes to the stars, you must rescue us all, tell us your final wish, now we know you can never return.- -Yeah, link it to the world, link it to yourself, stretch it like it's a birth squeeze and the love for what you hide and the bitterness inside, is growing like the new born, when you've seen, seen too much too young. - We are not what you think we are, we are golden! Now I'm sitting alone, I'm finally looking around left here on my own, I'm gonna hurt myself, maybe losing my mind, I'm still wondering why, had to let the world let it bleed me dry. ✘ I'm dead inside. 28 giugno, l'unico giorno in cui mi sono sentita viva. Muse, I love you♥

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