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25 years old mum to Emily Sophia - 10 months old (already) We're anglo-italians. We're just about to move into our new beautiful apartment in Rome. I am addicted to cinnamon buns. I'm a photographer, a potential teacher, I love cooking ( and travelling. I love Scotland. We watch lots of movies. And this is pretty much it. The N&B Awards! Click on the link to Vote!

  • suggest a name for my new chihuahua puppy?

    She's coming home tomorrow. so far I thought of these names








    but if you can think of nicer ones can you please help?

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  • Fluoro in gocce si o no?

    per chi abita a Roma? Leggo che l' acqua di Roma ne dovrebbe contenere a sufficienza (<0.7/litro)

    ma voi lo somministrate?

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  • Travelling with a little one?

    how important is it that your destination is baby-friendly?

    And what do you think is necessary for a place to be a good destination?

    What sort of things in the place where you live help you being comfortable going out with the little ones?

    Example : When I pick my destination I make sure the town has.....

    In my town all shopping centres have baby changing facilities/highchair/baby menus in restaurants etc....

    I find it very uncomfortable when ........... (elevator isn't there etc)

    I like to take the children ......( swimming/picnic/theme park with 0-3 attractions/ zoo...)

    I am working on a project to make my town (Rome, which isn't exactly considered a children friendly destination) better from that point of view, so any suggestions would be really appreciated.

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  • Hey mamme...un consiglio?

    cose da fare coi bambini a Roma? o anche posti verso al centro all' aria aperta? mi andrebbe bene anche un mercatino, insomma qualcosa di diverso dal solito parco? Volevo andare al museo dei bambini ma non so se Emily capirebbe qualcosa a 15 mesi? Qualcuno ci è stato? Ci sono attività per questa età? Consigliatemi che quì ci annoiamo!

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  • Forumotion and .bbtheme files?

    I was wondering where I could find some decent templates for the phpbb3 version of forumotion in .bbtheme, so that I can import them straight from the file I downloaded?

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  • Ma dove sono i negozi di giocattoli molto forniti a Roma?

    Possibilmente in città non sul Raccordo?

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  • Must have for a one year old child?

    My daughter is turning one in a week and I was wondering what can I ask for her birthday? Everyone is asking me what do I need and I just can't make my mind up. Just mention a few things your baby loves or something you found useful. Anything that might help! Thank you

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  • what are your 11 to 12 months old doing?

    Just out of curiosity. My daughter will be one in 11 days and she's only walking along the furniture, not trying unaided yet. She's saying a few words, being bilingual she's saying a few in italian and a few in english (such as hello :D) she can point, clap, wave, kiss, she will respond at a few questions by pointing 'where's your teddybear' or 'where is Spotty' on her book. She's using her pointing fingers rather than the whole hand to press buttons on her toys and to show me images she likes on her books (usually cartoon-ish, doesn't appreciate fotography too much just yet) she can dance when holding on to something (activity table plays music and she shakes her free hand and bum left and right) and sometimes sing along (i sing something and she goes 'aaaaaa' with a singing tone :D She remembers where I put stuff she wants such as biscuits or candies :DPRobably forgetting something but now I'm curious..what are your children doing ?:D

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  • How independent is your 9 to 12 months old child?

    My daughter is always been an extremely clingy baby since birth. In the last months though (she's now 11 monthd and 10 days old) she seems to be so independent. I can't even recognise her behaviour. All she wants to do is crawling standing up and playing. If I pick her up while she's playing for a cuddle she'll just try to get back on the floor. She still enjoys hugging me at night (we cosleep) and if there are people around mommy comes first but still she's just been so independent. Is it the same for you?

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  • Silly question but...(dummy/pacifier question)?

    when I had my daughter I decided that she should have been off the dummy at 1 year old as I'm not a big fan of 3 years old walking around with dummies in their mouth. She only takes it to sleep and she's now 11 months 10 days old. So I'm starting to think of how to wean her off it.

    How do you do it? She does eventually go to sleep without it if she's really tired (happened once or twice that we forgot) but how do you do it properly? She usually cries if she's tired and doesn't get one..

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  • is it normal for an 11 months old ?

    not to grow hair just on one spot? To start with I thought it was because she was sleeping on that side but now she has enough everywhere on her hear other than on that this normal?

    this is how it looks

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  • Extremely annoying comments?

    Yesterday on boxing day I went to a party to see the rest of the family. there were 30+ people so Emily was a bit worried to start with. She's been so well behaved over the Christmas Holidays. Me and my boyfriend are so proud. We went out 3 days over 3 and she didn't cry once. Anyway of course she was a bit suspicious about all these people that she couldn't recognize. My auntie and a few more people tried to come to me and take her while I was holding her without even asking and as they tried to do that she just turned the other way hugging me. She didn't cry or anything but just tried to show them that she didn't want to be picked up by them. She hadn't even seen them before at all or when she was just a few weeks old! Yet they looked at me and said 'oh she's not as friendly is she?' or 'ohh before she used to smile all the time...maybe she's spending too much time with you'. (I'm a SAHM). Now my girl played on the floor all the time smiled laughed ate crawled. Why do they have to be so mean? It's perfectly normal for an 11 months old to prefer the mum over random I wrong?

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  • help with first birthday?

    My daughter will be one in 3 weeks. Anyt advice that helped having a nice, yet not stressful for both you and your baby is immensely required. It's 3 weeks away and I'm stressing out already. My baby's granma and granpa are coming from england all the way to italy for the occasion so it needs to be perfect.suggestions,photos, hints:) please?

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  • I followed your advice and I didn't put bumpers in my daughter's cot bed but?

    The dummy keeps falling out the bars and going on the floor in the middle of the night. How do I stop this from happening? I find myself wondering in the dark trying to find it all the way around the cot.

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  • I don't want to give up cosleeping but I can't avoid it.?

    Me, boyfriend and baby (11 months old) have been co-sleeping for the past 5 months. We now moved into a new house and Emily can crawl, cruise, stand up. She's on the move. So we can no longer risk it. For the past week we've been waking up with Emily standing up on the bed. This evening she tumbled off and thank god she's fine. But we got too scared and obviously she needs to be moved into her cot.

    Which really hurts me cause there's nothing I love more than co-sleeping. So how did you mums deal with it? thank you


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  • Mamme ma voi avete portato i vostri bimbi a fare la foto con babbo natale?

    Noi a Roma proviamo domani a Piazza Navona...speriamo ci sia!

    Emily ha 11 mesi e sicuramente la spaventerà a morte ma tanto vale provare :D

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  • Mums what's your opinion on Wheelybugs? would they be suitable for a 1 year old?

    my mum bought the little bee for my daughter which is now 11 months old. the sticker underneath it says 1+ but in all the shops I've seen them so far they seem to be rated 2+. I'm just unsure. I think they could be ok to push along for a 1 year old but not to ride. Does anyone have one?

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  • Do you let your babies 'make a mess' if it's you cleaning up?

    Before my daughter was spreading her cookie all over the new wooden floor. When she does something like that since she still doesn't know it's "wrong" I take it like she's experimenting and let her do it. My friend though told me I shouldn't or she will get used to be messy and feel free to do what she wants. I still think it's fine I just hoover it up afterwards. Same as when she tries to self feed. Nevermind if it goes all on the floor she's got to learn at one point! What's your position?

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  • Mums what did you ask for Christmas or you'd like to receive?

    There are like a 1000 things that I'd like to receive for my daughter but nothing for myself. Considering we just moved into a new house what could I get? Me and my boyfriend always ask eachotherd to what we want. So if you had to pick something around 150/200$ and about £100-120 what would you get-?

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  • How did you feel when your baby got his first bruise?

    my 10 months old was happily crawling when she tripped and bumped the head on the floor. I though we got away with a bit of crying but after 5 minutes a bruise came out. I'm so upset :( It's her first one and everyone keeps telling me there will be many more soon but still :(

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