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  • What coin is this?

    It s 2cm in diameter. On one side is the coat of arms of the Austro-Hungarian empire, on the other it has what looks like roses and grain around the side, with a crown at the top. Below the crown it has the number 15 , and below that it says K0IIŁEKL . Below that is a small dividing line and below that the date, 1861. Finally, just below the date is what looks like c.m.e.

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  • Can I tell the police that my sister won t let my mum have her debit card?

    Basically, my mum was in a mental hospital for psychosis. I needed clothes for school so I asked if I could borrow her debit card to get money out of the bank. I went to see her in hospital and she said I could have £200. My sister found out about this and was very upset. She took my mum s debit card off of her and refuses to give it back. I ve told her that if she doesn t that I ll tell the police and she just laughed. My mum has to go up to my sister s house every time she wants money. Can I file a police report about this? I m 15 by the way.

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  • Book people with ADHD can read?

    I'm a 15 year old boy and I have ADHD. I want read some of the classics because I really like old movies that have been adapted from books. I've read a bit of Alice's Adventures in Wonderland and it's a very good book and I enjoy the childlike style but I can only read a few pages without my mind wandering. I want to read The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn but I don't want to buy it then get bored and never finish it, and I don't want to take my Ritalin every time I read something because I'll probably end up getting addicted or my tolerance will go up and I'll have to start taking more etc., etc., so anyone out there who has ADHD, what books have you enjoyed in the past?

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  • I've been in love with the same girl for 2 years now?

    I adore her and think the world of her. She's beautiful and funny and the most interesting person I've ever met and I've been in love with her since I first met her but she's got a boyfriend and it's far past the point where she might one day feel the same and I've been told a million times to 'just get over her', but I can't. I miss her so much as soon as I get home from school and the only reason I even go to school is to see her, I would've dropped out otherwise but I can't stand the thought of not seeing her every day (well, weekdays, but y'know). Anyway it's the summer holidays and it's been 6 weeks and I'm dying to see her and I will in 2 days but I just know I'd be so much better off if I could get over her, I just don't know how. She's one of the only things that makes me happy and I think without her I might just end up running away or killing myself a la Quadrophenia. Anyway help I want to be happy when I'm away from her as well as with her

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  • Carolina Reaper gave me stomach pain?

    I ******* ate one on a sandwich and the mouth pain was pretty bad but then number 1) I masturbated and got the oils on my cock and that's killer and then my stomach started hurting with a sharp pain so tell me with all these pains on each bend of the digestive system what do I do?

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  • Persistant migraines?

    I've suffered from occasional, but moderately severe migraines for probably all my life, but recently I've been getting migraines of varying severity pretty much every other day. They can get so bad that my vision goes blurry and I have to submerge my head in a cushion in a quiet, dark room to stop myself from crying. At one point I was going to go to A&E. I've only ever had one migraine worse than that in my life, and I was about 11 so it could have just felt worse then because I was younger and couldn't cope with pain as well. I get a stiff painful neck too. Aspirin and Ibuprofen don't work, but I've found relief in about 60mg of codeine that I borrowed from my dad. The pain also gets worse with exercise, sexual activity, and bending over. And by exercise I mean walking up the stairs a little faster than normal.

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  • Things for a 15 year old to do at 1 am alone?

    I want to go out though

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  • 20mg or 3mg of methylphenidate XL?

    my doctor gave me both in case I don't find that 20mg works. What activities could I do to help find out which would work better? I want to find out before school starts in a few weeks but I have nothing to do. No homework or anything. Suggestions?

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  • My crush's close friends said my crush doesn't like me?

    I was sitting with her (my crush's friend) and my crush called over asking if her stress ball was over there. The girl said she had it even though I did, and then she said 'Saved you there, Eleanor (fake name) doesn't really like you'.

    Btw I can't just get over her, I've been in love with her for almost 2 years and she's been through a lot because of me.

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  • Will I ever be able to live on the road?

    I m 15 and when I m older I just want to be a drifter, like Kerouac. I want to go to America on a travel visa and just stay there forever, hitchhiking and around the mojave, and I want to do the same around Latin America and the Mediterranean, too. I m very thin, no muscle, and couldn t protect myself in a fight. Do you think I have any chance?

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  • Why am I so bad with girls?

    Right on Friday I went to a party, I was ok talking to girls there but only with another guy there, and also I'd said before the night started I didn't want to hook up anyone, but then loads of girls were coming onto me so the next day I decided I would hook up, but as soon as I decided I wanted to do something I got really nervous. If I think a girls attracted to me I get nervous basically

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  • Going to A&E for a broken toe?

    Was at a beach party and someone pushed another kid over my back while I was kneeling down, I fell and kicked a rock, didn t notice till I got home. Walking hurts if I m on stairs because I tend to walk on my tippy toes going up the stairs, and in shoes my toes are pushed in and it hurts to walk but barefoot on a flat level surface is fine.

    Sometimes it throbs, it s my middle toe on my left foot and it s a bit swollen and red but not a lot, I can bend it upwards to the point where it almost faces the sky, about a 75º angle. At first it and the toes after it was harder to move than the two on the other side but I ve gotten used to it and I can use move it a lot better now. What do you think?

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  • Why did my crush say 'Ew' to me?

    She was talking about this baguette pen that her boyfriend found in English and I was like 'Oh, that's my baguette' and she was like 'EW, take it'. I'm f*cking pissed.

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  • How to deal with horniness?

    I'm not christian or anything it's just making me miserable. I'm a guy and there's one particular girl I think is so so beautiful, she drives me crazy whenever I see her, basically after every conversation with her I have to masturbate. This wouldn't be that bad but it means I usually end up masturbating twice a day in school and we meet at the bus stop and talk then I have to wait about 40 minutes to ***. I think pretty much every girl is pretty, it drives me crazy that I want to have sex with all of them. How can I deal with this without masturbating 9 times a day?

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  • Ear infection spread to jaw (maybe), is it worth a trip to the hospital?

    I've had an ear infection FOREVER (maybe 8 months), and for the past few months it's been really swollen. It started on the left side and spread to the right. The left side was so swollen that whenever I had earphones in, the buds would get pulled off the earphone and stick in my ear whenever I tried to take them out. Anyway, for the past two days my jaw has had a muscular kind of pain and feel a bit swollen around the joint. When I open my jaw wide it feels like when you stretch only it's a lot 'deeper', or 'thicker', if that makes sense. Sometimes it hurts one of my back teeth with a sharp pain, too. Anyway, is it an infection that's spread, and can I get a hospital/A&E trip out of it instead of having to wait till I get a doctor's appointment?

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  • I want to move to the US when I'm 16, can I?

    I've had enough with my life in the UK, and I hate it here at this point. I'm 14 right now and I barely go to school, so the thought of not finishing high school doesn't scare me. In the UK you can move out and live by yourself from 16, but I don't know the rules in the US. Also, will being a high school drop out without a guaranteed job in the US affect my chances? I could pass the citizenship test no problem and I think I'm probably smart enough to get by without many GCSEs or A levels and I'm good at saving money, so I'm not worried. I just want to know if I walk into the American embassy in London and ask for a visa to live and work in the States will they reject me based on my education status, and my age at the time (16, maybe 17 or 18)?

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  • Shivering when it's not cold?

    Hey so for the past hour I've been shivering non stop. I don't take any meds, I'm not cold it's 6ºC and that's not cold for where I live, and I have anxiety but I'm not nervous or anything right now I'm just chilling in my room right now so help me out.

    I've had an ear infection for about 8 months if that means anything

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    I've been anorexic since about July last year so my digestive system got really messed up and I couldn't really go to the bathroom, but then (completely not by choice) I gained 10 pounds and went from my safe weight (114 lb) to way over it (124 lb). I'm still I lil skinny but I don't like my weight even though I don't look any different and all my clothes still fit. I found a daily calorie intake (1800 kcal) that kept me at around 122-125 lb, and since being at that weight I've been taking a huge dump basically everyday, sometimes twice. I DIDN'T EVEN DO THAT WHEN I WAS FAT AND ATE LIKE 2600 KCAL A DAY WTF???

    Any advice is appreciated

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  • I don't think I'll ever lose my virginity?

    I'm 14 and in highschool, and I can safely say I will never get a 'highschool sweatheart' because I indirectly sexual harassed a girl in an anorexia-induced psychotic episode. But I don't think I'll have the confidence to meet girls/not be a loser if I don't start now. Help?

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