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  • Dove posso trovare una facoltà di SCIENZE BIOLOGICHE ad accesso libero?

    Premettendo che devo già sostenere il test d'ingresso a Milano, nel caso non riuscissi a superarlo, qualcuno saprebbe indicarmi degli atenei dove non è necessario? So già di Ancona, ma preferirei qualcosa più vicino sempre in zona Milano.


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  • Problema (determinare coefficienti)?

    Determinare i coefficienti a e b in modo che la curva y di equazione y= (x^2+ax+b)/(4x+2) passi per il punto A(4;0) e abbia nel punto di ascissa x=1/2 la tangente parallela alla retta 5x+16y=0.

    Senza questo punto non posso continuare il problema, non ricordo come si facesse. Grazie mille!

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    Hi! I'm italian, I've written this in ordet to parteciate in a contest. The objective is the cultural exchange, in fact the prize is a travel. Help me correcting it :) thanks

    “Chiara likes to write, she knows how important talk to people is and she loves to make her laugh, do not make sense for her enemies and allies, Chiara likes to live” says a song of an Italian quite famous band. Even if my name is not Chiara, I could be the that girl.

    All started one morning at the end of October, in 1994, when I was born. I was very playful and few years later I started to like art; my first work was exposed for some weeks at my home, in fact, while my mother was having a shower, I painted all the walls with a black felt-tip: waves, circles and flowers, it was beautiful. I remember that when I was a child I love also music, the first song I learnt by heart was “Jingle Bells” and I sang that also in the middle of the summer. Luckily for my neighbors, I wasn’t as out of tune as now. Growing up I started playing the piano and nowadays that I have stopped, makes me smile thinking that to practice in winter I was so covered with clothes that I looked like a snowman because the piano was in a not warmed area. I really liked that, specially, as for all things, when I could get everything right. Well, even if it could be considered a defect, at that time I was quite stubborn as I am now, certainly I don’t change my mind following the wind which blows, if I want something I usually do all the possible to get it. This is why someone who I admire is Willy the Coyote, the main character of the eponymous cartoon, cause he never gave up chasing his dream, represented by Beep Beep. When I started going school there were the fights against my mother for clothes because I wanted chose them by myself; I’ve always liked fashion cause your style is a kind of business card.

    Talking about nowadays, I’m attending liceo scientifico “Leonardo da Vinci” in Gallarate, it’s quite challenging but I can’t imagine me at another school. I still like art, discover what the painter wish to tell us with images; although now the only instrument that I play is the doorbell, I like music, the Italian and the English one, in particular the storytelling, sometimes I translate a song to understand it better and is quite ever surprising because a nice melody can hide a poor text. I like reading and watching movies for the same reason, I usually notes the so called “statements”, those blends of words that sound perfect together. I like sports, I swim for thirteen years even if I don’t go to the swimming-pool as often as before, by the way it’s beautiful the sense of lightness that you feel when you leave the water; every now and then I also play tennis and volleyball and when I am on holiday in a new place, I usually go jogging in the early morning in order to have an overview. I like photography, is nice stopping moments on a piece of paper and review them whenever you want. Finally, like all people, I like being with my friends, even without doing anything special, just to chat.

    About my future I don’t know what job I will do, but I hope to travel as much as possible, I would like to know different cultures, because as says the American writer William Faulkner, “To live anywhere in the world today and be against equality because of race or color is like living in Alaska and being against snow”, I would like to know how people that live in such a poverty that they aren’t able to live but only to survive, can be so friendly to foreigners; I would like to learn languages in order to speak with them. Certainly I am aware that, unlike the generation of my grandparents which were working only to secure a future for their children, completed dedicated to the family, in these times, I firstly have to put myself at stake to secure my future, before thinking about the family and all the possible things to do. I believe that what goes around comes back around, so it is worth giving up now, in order to live without regrets then.

    I notice that I haven’t written my name yet, I am Elena, or better, Elena is all that is me.

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  • Velocizzare l'upload di youtube..come??!?

    Sto cercando di caricare su youtube un video di circa 10 minuti (2 GB) ma ho fatto iniziare l'upload alle 14 e adesso non è neanche al 20% ! c'è un modo per velocizzarlo?

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  • esercizi di goniometria?

    determina i valori di a per i quali ha senso:

    a) sinx = a^2

    b) cosx = 2 - a

    ho perso qualche lezione e non so proprio da dove cominciare!

    grazie mille

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  • problema con funzione omografica!?

    Nel fascio di curve aventi equazione y= (2-m)x - m / (m+1)x + 10 verificare che tutte le curve passano per due punti fissi e determinali.


    a) L'equazione del luogo geometrico descritto dai centri di simmetria di tali curve

    b) L'equazione della curva che passa per P (-1; 2/3)

    c) Dopo aver verificato che tale curva si trova per m=12, studiare e disegnare tale curva

    d)L'equazione della curva che ha per asintoto la retta y=2

    e)Verificato che si ottiene y= f(x) = 2x / x+10 studiare e disegnare la curva trovata e dal suo grafico dedurre quello di y= |f(x)|

    ..i punti fissi a me risultano A (-2; -1/2) e B (-5/3; -2/5)

    io l'ho scritto tutto lo stesso ma quello che mi interessa principalmente è il punto a!

    Grazie mille in anticipo :)

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  • Forrest Gump...streaming?

    Riuscireste a darmi il link funzionante per vederlo in streaming? Ho cercato ancche qui ma nulla....

    10 punti!

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  • Fotocamera Canon Ixus 220 HS?


    Ho trovato scritto che c'è integrato l'effetto dell'obiettivo non riesco ad attivarlo!

    Sapete come si fa???

    10 punti assicurati...devo partire dopo domani!

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