What is this flower?

What is this flower?

Somebody can help me? I've find it on my balcony...

Here you find the image:


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    It's Poke.



    It's deep red berries, though poisonous, have been used for ink.

    My grandmother and I, when I was a child, looked for this spring green as one of the first shoots of the year. The young leaves, steamed like spinach (maybe a dash of salt and vinegar), still taste like childhood.

    When I was pregnant with my third child, I craved nothing but poke greens. All summer I kept a large patch chopped back to knee-high so that I could have fresh young leaves every day.

    Recently I met a woman who eats the young stalks like asparagus. I haven't tried this, but plan to.

    The little white-yellow flowers are a pretty precurser to the hard green beginnings of berries. The berries turn red and then a deep purple in the late summer and fall, a stark contrast to the lush greenness of the lance shaped leaves.

    The mature stalks, with the reddish-caste, are poisonous, as well as the berries. Birds and small animals (opossum, mice, fox...) do eat the berries, but I have always been warned away from them by old ladies. I think, perhaps, the birds can get quite tipsy on them.

    These are common and will grow to be very tall (8+feet) if given the space. It's a surprisingly beautiful plant, though some claim it as a nuisance.

    In the late fall and early winter, after the plant has died back, the thick stalks at the bottom are hollow and 'husky', something like a cross between the rattle of dried corn stalks and the hardness of bamboo. With the winter snow, the stalks become mushy and bend rather than break. In the spring, the old growth can be cleared out or the new is just as happy and hearty growing up through last year's brown tangle.

    Some folks have been known to grow it in their cellar or their spring house, a readily available green year-round.

    I'm making me hungry for some large green salad.....

    Fonte/i: Sources: Grandmothers and other old wise women
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    I am getting tired of saying this, but there is no point in asking the question if you do not tell us where you found the plant.

    It is a big planet and there are over a million species of flowering plants out there. Unless you tell us AT LEAST what continent you are on identification is going to be impossible.

    You managed to tell us you found it on "my balcony" but neglected to tell us the important information. Is your balcony in Brazil or Alaska? Capetown or Cairo? Hobart or Jakarta?

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    actually a flower is a something which has a great smell and in plants reproductive structures like anther and carpel is present and the fruit is developed from it.

    Fonte/i: hermione_arouj@yahoo.com
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    It looks kind of like some variety of poke salad to me, but I am not sure.

    Good luck!

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    haha.. i have this growing behind my fence.. no one goes back there so it litterally grew 8ft tall! I hope you find out = )

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    What is in the name ! If it is beautiful and give you bliss, That's it!

    Your URL is wrong!

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