Does exist a way to easly memorize new words of an new language ?

The most important way to learn a new languase is to memorize as many as possible new words of that language. Exist a simple way to memorize new words ?

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    The way we learned in the Defense Language Institute was flash cards. We had approximately 80-100 words per day. ayou just keep going through the cards, especially if you write them out yourself. I don't speak it very well anymore, but I remember lots of the vocab words.

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    This question has been bothering me for a while too, as I am getting linguistically dissipated. Grammar, phonology and so on are the interesting part of a new language; the vocabulary is the burdensome part that falcon well smothers the joy of it all. Learner's word lists of the type you are asking about have been around for centuries. They are usuallly graded (the fifty or hundred essential words, the next two or five hundred most important, and so on). I'm also looking around right now for the one that seems most sensible, in order to settle on it and use it from now on with new languages. If you like, when I hit on it I'll send you the reference.

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    Try to tie them in to words that have the same or a similar meaning in yours. For instance, when I was learning French, I remembered that 'the library' was 'la biblioteque' (which I probably spelled incorrectly, it's been so long) because a bibliography is a list of source books. What is a library but a list of source texts? This works a lot.

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    First, don't try to memorize too many at once. Try by association. For example, look around your living room and try to name the different objects that you see. This way, you visually associate the object with the word and it will come more spontaneously when you'll speak.

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    I'm learning Turkish so for me I memorize words and phrases then practice with my bf. Just memorizing doesn't work for me. Once I hear it spoken and used in a sentence then it seems to stick more.

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    memory association. what are the translated equivalents in english? group sets of words together, so that you can remember how they all relate. when you recite, repeat what other things that can be associated with that original word so that you may more easily remember how concepts relate.

    attempting to memorize brute word for word will prove ineffective unless you have a photographic like memory.

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    use chinese practice program

    is free

    fro learning Chinese language, but other langauges may be used too...

    program ofr making flashcards

    just make maybe 10 and see if uou emember and so on...

    or 30 ......

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    You're learning English, isn't it ? I just guessing...hah, hah....... Is very easy to learning memorizing.........but I can't remember how I did it.

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    See if they're related to any words you already know.

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    how about mastering your current one before attempting a new one

    a crash course in spelling and composition

    ought to help...

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