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canzoni fast and furious?

come si chiama la canzone in fast and furious (il primo) quando Brian sta andando a fare la prima corsa contro Dominik ( quando si vede la macchina verde che sta andando tra i 2 palazzi con tutte le altre macchine) grazie mille...

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    Questa è tutta la colonna sonora di Fast and Furious

    "Deep Enough"

    Written by Ed Kowalczyk

    Performed by Live

    "Watch Your Back"

    Performed by Benny Cassette

    "Say Aah"

    Written by Chad Elliot, Arthur Javonn Alexander, Shawna & Tracey A. Horton

    Performed by Shawna

    "Rollin' (Urban Assault Vehicle)"

    Written by Fred Durst, DMX (as Earl Simmons), Clifford Smith, Reggie Noble,

    Swizz Beatz (as Kaseem Dean)

    Performed by Limp Bizkit featuring DMX, Redman and Method Man


    Written by J. Atkins, I. Lorenzo, R. Wilson, O. Miller

    Performed by Ja Rule featuring Vita and 01

    "Pov City Anthem"

    Written by Irving Lorenzo, Crocker, Takwon Green

    Performed by Caddillac Tah

    "Lock It Down"

    from the full-length album "Original Masters"

    Written by Carlos Vasquez, Michael Licata

    Performed by Digital Assasins


    Written by Andy Spence

    Performed by Organic Audio

    "Area Codes"

    Written by Ludacris (as Christopher Bridges), Nate Dogg (as Nathaniel Hale), Jazze Pha (as Phalon "Jazze Pha" Alexander)

    Performed by Ludacris

    "Race Against Time Part 2"

    Written by J. Atkins, I. Lorenzo, R. Mays

    Performed by Tank featuring Ja Rule

    "Life Ain'ta Game"

    Written by Ja Rule (as J. Atkins), Martin Gore (as M. Gore), N. Hersh, D. Young

    Performed by Ja Rule

    "Evil Ways"

    Written by Clarence Henry

    Performed by Santana

    "Nigga Wit a Badge"

    Written by Magdaleno Robles, Jr.

    Performed by Guic Onezer DRP featuring Sen Dog, FM, Mr. Slip and Lil Jay

    "Polkas Palabras"

    Written by Juan Francisco Ayala

    Performed by Molotov

    "Mercedes Benz"

    Written by Joe Little III, Gerald Levert

    Performed by Say Yes


    Written by Nicolas Vincent Nocchi, Rolden Gonzalez Rivero, Hiran Riveri Medina, Yotuci Omar Romero Manzaneras

    Performed by Orishas


    Written by Edsel Dope, Simon Dope

    Performed by Dope


    Wtitten by Josey Scott

    Performed by Saliva

    "Good Life (Remix)"

    Written by Faith Evans, Rasheem Pugh, Tamy Lester Smith, August Moon, Tyrone Thomas

    Performed by Faith Evans, Ja Rule, Vita and Caddillac Tah

    Contains a sample from "Seven Minutes Of Funk"

    Performed by The Whole Darn Family

    "Nocturnal Transmission"

    Written by BT (as Brian Transeau)

    Performed by BT

    "Another One Bites the Dust"

    Written by John Richard Deacon

    "Fourth Floor (Score)"

    Written by Brian Tyler

    Performed by Brian Tyler

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    cerca felix de housecat

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