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ho bisognio di 1 riassunto in inglese?

ho bisogno di 1 riassunto in inglese di casino royale x favore!!

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    The agent secret British James Bond he finds again envoy to Royale-les-Eaux, in southern France, with the objective to send on the pavement (to the game tables of the Casino Royale) the banker of the place Communist Party, nicknamed her Chiffre, merciless player of hazard and manager of brothels.

    After having defeated the player, these it takes revenge brutalemente, capturing Bond and torturing him/it wildly with a battipanni. But Her Chiffre has lost all the money of his/her party and Bond it comes, ironically saved by an agent of the spietatatissima SMERSH, that kills the banker.

    The deceptions are ended. Well soon Bond comes to discover that the agent that has assisted him/it during the mission and of which is madly enamored, Vesper Lynd, is in reality an agent doppiogiochista to the penny of the SMERSH. Vesper in fact you/he/she has accepted to pass information to the Russian in exchange for the life of his/her fiancé, a British soldier. The girl, tormented by the senses of guilt, he commits suicide in an inn next to Royale where you/he/she was sojourning with Bond. The book concludes him with James Bond that it is promised to eliminate and to destroy fears her/it organization and pronunciation the famous sentence.

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