Italian Visa for citizens of Ukraine?

Italian Visa for citizens of Ukraine?

How can a person from Ukraine obtain a Visa to enter in Italy ? Is it a difficult or long process for a Ukrainian citizen? Will he/she need a Letter of Invitation (from someone living in Italy) ? Is free ?

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    It's not so easy.

    Yes, if you aren't married or you don't have any Italian relative, you need an invitation from an Italian citizen.

    The form is avaible in Kiev (Italian Embassy).

    It's better to contact them before to go (the number is 0038 044 2303120, they speak russian, italian and english).

    Anyway, close to the Embassy's entrance, you will find all the information you need (avaible 24 hours).

    The procedure is long and difficult expecially if you are a young woman.

    It is not free, but it doesn't cost a lot.

    If you have enough money you can go in every travel angency and buy a tour to Italy. The price involves also your visa.

    Have a nice time in Ukraine!

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    Need a Schengen visum. Is not free, contact Italian ambassy in Ukraine (or any other EU ambassy)

    see URL

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