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How can help me please?

Excuse me for my bad english I hope you can understand me.

I go to start with a new job of sales of zampone, mortadella, cheesse pork, jamon serrano, coppa, salami cocido, salami madurado, zoprazzata, cacciatore, proscciuto cotto, my father prepare all but I need know a little of the history of all the products and the correct name because I know that I wrote the names bad can you help me whit this? also I need translate the name in Italian my father want what the name be The good flavor but in Italian can you tell me how is?.

I grateful if you can recommend me some sites in internet how have photos.

Thanks for help me


Hello Anna Im from the city of Juarez, Chihuahua, Mexico and my dad know how do the products nice to meet you and thanks

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