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Ghothic 3 Cheats?

Quando cambio la scritta in Test Mode=true, mi dice impossibile salvare, come faccio?

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    Cheat Mode

    Open the ge3.ini file in the "Gothic3/Ini" folder and change the following line in Notepad:






    You can then press tilde key [~] while playing to bring up the console, and type any of the following codes:

    God - God mode

    Invisibility - Invisibility mode

    Teach all - Learn all skills (lowers stats to 0)

    Kill - Kills selected target

    Give [item] - Gives specified item

    Give gold x - Gives x gold (doesn't work with patch)

    Give money x Gives x gold (doesn't work with patch)

    Spawn [item] - Spawns specified item/creature

    idkfa - gives you all (items, skills...)

    Help - show commands

    fullhealth - make you healthy

    give Cat_Armor - all armors

    give Cat_Weapon - all weapons

    give Cat_Artefact - all artefats

    control - control character

    watch - control camera

    teach STR x - set strength

    teach DEX x - set dexternity /hunting skill/

    teach INT x - set intelligence (ancient knowledge)

    teach ALC x - set alchemy skills

    teach SMT x - set smith skills

    teach THF x - set thief skills

    teach HP x - set health

    teach MP x - set mana

    teach SP x - set energy

    teach LP x - set learning points


    [F1] - Screenshot

    [F2] - Fenster/Vollbild Modus

    [F3] - Framerate

    [F4] - ?

    [F5] - Quicksave

    [F6] - Zeitraffer an/aus

    [F7] - Slowdown time

    [F8] - Reset Character - PRETTY USEFUL!

    [F9] - Quickload

    Remove Autoupdate from the Game Start:

    Right-click on "Launch Gothic III" desktop shortcut, and select "Properties". Change target to "C:\Program Files\Gothic III\Gothic3.exe". You can run autoupdate manually by going to C:\Program Files\Gothic III\ and clicking on kupdate.exe (or make a shortcut to this app.)

    Remove Intro Movie:

    Go to "C:\Program Files\Gothic III\Ini\", open logo.ini file using Notepad, and remove all the entries from it.

    You may also want to delete "G3_Intro.bik" to remove the actual game intro. This can be found in C:\Program Files\Gothic III\Data\Video or whatever your game installationion directories path is. I left "G3_Intro.bik" alone because it can be quickly skipped by pressing the esc key.

    G3_Credits.bik also can be removed if desired.

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