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Anonimo ha chiesto in Musica e intrattenimentoMusicaMusica - Altro · 1 decennio fa

chi di voi??????

chi di voi ha da consigliarmi qualche titolo di canzone chillaut...ambient...da relax insomma? grazie mille a tutti

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  • Anonimo
    1 decennio fa
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    A Woman's Voices vol. 2

    Classical Tembang Sunda - Music from west Java

    Out of Babylon - The Music of Baghdadi-Jewish Migrations into Asia and Beyond

    Yoga Moods

    World Travel: Celtic

    Pause & Relax

    Peace - Sounds of Spa

    Celtic Twilight 7

    Freedom - Sounds of Spa

    Harmony - Sounds of Spa

    Relaxation Music

    The Road to Rosslyn

    Sahara Groove 2

    Spiritual Woman

    Best of Algerian Rai

    In Praise of the Goddess

    Goddess Divine Energy

    Prana Yoga

    Buddha: Transcending Space and Time (doppio CD)

    Grandi Musiche per Rasserenare l'Anima

    Ninne Nanne Classiche e Popolari

    Cori Angelici

    Gaelic Scotland vol. 2

    The Very Best of Irish Ballads

    The Very Best of Russia

    From the World - Songs of Life, Love and Peace

    Celtic Moods


    Spa & Wellness Vol. 2

    Jazz Zen

    Best of Celtic Folk

    The Spirit of Wesak

    South African Gospel

    Balance and Beauty

    Master of Percussion vol. 4 - Latin America

    Sacred Treasures IV

    Mantra Music

    Music of Israel

    Bollywood Dance - Bhangra

    Spa and Wellness - Rest and Relaxation

    Bushmen of the Kalahari

    Tribal Dance from East Africa

    Native Spirit

    Buddha Lounge 2

    Perfect Balance 2

    Hotel Tara

    Devotion - Religious Chants from India

    Ganesh Lounge

    Musical Healing

    Ayurveda Lounge vol. 3

    Ayurveda Lounge vol. 2

    Ayurveda Lounge vol. 1

    Celticum Mysticum

    Buddha Lounge

    Mystic Celtic

    Qi Gong

    Café de Luna

    Spirit of Freedom

    Buddha Magic

    Voices of Asia

    Karma Cosmic

    Buddha Dreams

    Buddha Dreams vol. 2


    Orientica 2

    Island of Harmony

    Music for Osho Zen Tarot

    Traditional Music from Mexico

    Sacred Ground

    Healing Music

    Classics for Meditation

    Indiani - Sacred Spirit vol. 1 e vol. 2 - The Complete Collection

    Women Voices

    Trance Yoga

    Buddha and Bonsai vol. 4

    Buddha and Bonsai vol. 5

    Buddha and Bonsai vol. 2

    Buddha and Bonsai vol. 3

    Buddha and Bonsai vol. 1

    Classical Music for Contemplation

    The Romantic Approach

    The Essential Celtic Woman Collection (doppio CD)

    Warm Springs

    Celtic Mystery vol. 1

    Gaelic Scotland vol. 1

    Macedonian Bellydance

    Sufi Music from Turkey

    Celtic Mystery vol. 2

    The Very Best of Chinese Music

    Serenity - Sounds of Spa

    Masters of Indian Classical Music


    Masters of the Harp

    Anges - Musique Vocale XII-XVII Siecles

    Musica Humana

    Namaste Flowering

    Belly Dance Master Class

    Celtic Twilight 1

    Music for Belly Dance

    Gayatri Mantra

    Best of Bellydance

    The Dhoad Gypsies from Rajasthan

    Trance Dance

    Indians Sacred Dancing 2

    Red Buffalo

    Relax Time vol. 1

    Real Piano

    Sutras of the Heart

    Harp and Flutes from the Andes

    Master of Percussion - Vol. 1 Africa

    Hanuman Mantra

    Master of Percussion - Vol. 3 Africa

    Eagle Song

    Myth and Magic

    Cousteau's Dream

    Slow Music for Fast Times

    Celtic Twilight 5

    The Music of Islam

    I call Australia Home

    Enter Tribal

    Celtic Twilight 3 - Lullabies

    Slow Music for Yoga

    Comfort Music 1

    Namas’ té

    The Best of the Thistle and Shamrock

    Celtic Twilight 4 - Celtic Planet


    Holiday - Sounds of Spa

    Music for the Spirit vol. 2

    Eternity - Sounds of Spa

    A Woman's Voice

    The Pulse of Africa

    Sound of Mongolia - Egschiglen

    Celtic Twilight 2

    Sacred Dance

    Festival Mondial des Cultures, Drummondville

    Comfort Music 2


    Freedom To Love

    Mantras For Pregnancy

    Many Blessing

    Inner Balance

    Venice Music

    The Music of Islam - Vol. 15

    Keys of Life - Piano Music

    The Music of Vietnam. Vol. 2


    Japan: The Spirit of Water

    In Lands I Never Saw - Double Image


    Asia Music (doppio CD)

    Anthology of Chant

    Earth's Answer

    The Imperial Bells of China

    The Music of Armenia

    Sacred Treasures

    White Cloud

    The White Cloud

    Café de Luna 3

    Shiva Beach Bar

    Yoga Salon

    Café Arabica

    Café de Luna - Chill Out in Paradise

    Planete Verte

    Musique de Sagesse Indienne

    Celtic Panpipe Moods

    Indians Sacred Dancing

    Waynainca Indians Music

    L’armonia dei chakra

    Rilassamento Subliminale

    In Wonder

    Garden of the Beloved

    Master of Percussion - Vol. 2 Africa

    Buddha Bar vol. 2

    From the Mists of Time

    Sinfonie New Zeland

    I Am Walking

    Music for Feng Shui

    A Gospel Story

    Mystic India

    Journey into Light

    Fast Forward

    Spa Lounge

    Diana Garden Tribe

    Indiani - Sacred Spirit

    Brazilian Contemporary Instrumental Music

    Native American Dream



    Canti rituali degli Indiani d’America

    Trance Planet

    Celtic Twilight 6

    The Flute Collection

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  • Anonimo
    1 decennio fa

    nulla puo battere il "buddah bar"

    ma molto carino è anche il Cafè del mar.

    Puoi trovare molto diventa un pò pesante l'ascolto...questi diciamo k sn i più leggeri ed orecchiabili.

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  • Anonimo
    1 decennio fa

    quelle con irumori della natura in sottofondo..!!

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  • Anonimo
    1 decennio fa

    puoi provare con le canzoni di Enia, non e' proprio lo stesso ma si assomigliano!

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  • Anonimo
    1 decennio fa


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