canzone telefilm LIFE?

ho sentito alla televisione nella pubblicita' del telefilm life una canzone molto bella, qualcuno mi sa dire come i kiama???



grazie a tutti !!!

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    how to save a life dei the fray


    1.01 Merit Badge (Ritorno alla vita)

    Single Sedative- Eastern Conference Champions

    Last Hero- Negative

    Dream Awake- The Frames

    Jique- Brazilian Girls

    1.02 Tear Asunder (Lacerazione)

    John 2:14- Shivaree

    Free Bird- Lynyrd Skynyrd

    Black Honey (Who Made Who remix)- Mainline

    Little Miss Saturday Night- The Old Nationals

    Hunted By A Freak- Mogwai

    1.03 Let Her Go (Lasciala andare)

    Mr. Fate- Benjamin Diamond

    Here We Kum- Molotov

    Polaris- Bostich

    1.04 What They Saw (Quello che videro)

    Bloody Bunnies (Superficiality)- Gram Rabbit

    Everybody's Got To Learn Sometime- Beck

    Seven- Will Derryberry

    1.05 The Fallen Woman (L'angelo caduto)

    Face The Day- Ren Stewart

    Land Of Jail- Gram Rabbit

    It Is Only Love That Lets You Down- Gene Love Jezebel

    Haiku Ten- Sigmatropic ft Cat Power

    In The Sun- Donna De Lory

    Tell Me- Shannon Penn

    1.06 Powerless (Confessioni)

    Buena- Morphine

    Going, Going, Gone- Stars ft Emily Haines

    Get Lucky- New Young Pony Club

    Go- Sparklehorse ft Flaming Lips

    Get Out Of The Sticks- Caution Cat

    1.07 A Civil War (Guerra civile)

    Daft Punk Is Playing At My House- LCD Soundsystem

    CIA (aka "FBI Warning")- Punsapaya

    Sweet Hour Of Prayer- Christina Hendricks

    Kele Lao- Hooshere

    Trans Fatty Acid (Kruder & Dorfmeister remix)- Lamb

    Sarah- Ketamine Suns

    Pictures Of Matchstick Men- Camper Van Beethoven

    Who Are You?- Caution Cat

    1.08 Farthingale (Due di tutto)

    One- Aimee Mann

    Arrogance- Beth Thornley

    All I Need- Radiohead

    Isn't It Scary?- Caution Cat

    1.09 Serious Control Issues (La gabbia)

    This Voiceless Cry- Harri Lake

    Silent Anymore- Lisa Witty

    Broken Boy Soldier- The Raconteurs

    Ooh Child- Beth Orton

    1.10 Dig a Hole (Qui e ora)

    Ride- Liz Phair

    Ooh La La- Goldfrapp

    "Perfect Disaster- Caution Cat.

    Fleur de Saison- Emilie Simon

    Hello Hello I'm Back Again- Liz Phair

    Gimme Shelter- The Rolling Stones

    Every Step I Take- Del Bombers

    1.11 Fill It Up (La fine del sentiero)

    El Rodeo- Kyuss

    Alarm and Trip- Alan Reid

    Ahead Of Time- Teddybears ft Daddy Boastin'

    When You're Lost In Someone Else- The Beauty Above

    Shoot Out The Lights- X

    Killer In Me- D'amato

    Sorry- Gram Rabbit

    Who By Fire- Leonard Cohen

    Down Boy- Yeah Yeah Yeahs

    No Time Left- Gush

    Finally- The Frames

    Her Strangest Memories- Flight Crash Companion

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    joana zimmer - this is my life

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    Dream Awake - The Frames

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    potrebbero essere le due citate sopra o 1 di cassius penso toop toop w life è un telefilm fantastico e damian lewis raggiunge quasi il noto hugh laurie di non vedo l ora di vederlo domani

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