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aiuto inglese..scrivere in inglese qualcosa riguardo al mestiere del pilota d'aerei o astronauta 10 punti?

a vostra scelta uno dei 2 mestieri...doma ho l'interrogazione ho bisogno di voi...parlare di uno dei 2 mestieri in inglese

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    I m a pilot..yes.. I fly over lands..fields..cities..monuments....high up in the sky... above the clouds... sometimes it s raining ten s a sunny day. I do love my job.. always travelling around the world...meeting people from different countries

    I ve in the cockpit CABINA when another pilot... I always travel from europe to america..long routes.... but pretty and nice hostesses try to keep us fit with theif coffees..teas...pastries.... there are from 200 to 400 passengers each time. they are afraid of flying sometimes... others not..especially businness men..who travel a lot... they re not afraid of flying. they can relax.. with a cushion and watching tv or listening to music..or just sleep.

    nowadays it s safer to fly....planes are more and more sophisticated and checked for each travel. i HAVEN t got a family..not s impossible for me. one day perhaps....when I ll leave this fantastic job and ...I ll be with my feet on earth TERRA.



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