Do you know if it is possible to have an e-mail address of Franz Ferdinand?

And the muse or Oasis e-mail addresses? In their official websites there aren't.

I'm not a fan, but I'm finding them for a christmas present for my friend who is their fan.

Thank you very much and I'm sorry for my english


Hey guys, I'm sorry, I want to say Franz Ferdinand Group, do you know them? Alex Kapranos & company!

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  • Chris
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    1 decennio fa
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    Franz Ferdinand

    via myspace site


  • Kid B
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    1 decennio fa

    Dude, Franz Ferdinand died like 95 years ago. I don't think he had an email address.

  • Anonimo
    1 decennio fa

    the lead singer franz ferdinand lives in a village called moniaive near dumfries scotland that might help.

    Fonte/i: from dumfries
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