hi!there is italian people in america?

hi guys!i need information how to obtain the green card in last time...my boy friend would open a shop in new york...how?if you speak Italian is better .. otherwise fits the same ... thanks:)

ps sorry for my english :P

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    Italian people are everywhere in America. Most famously, when Italians began to immigrate in large numbers, they settled in New York City, hence the section of NYC called Little Italy. But Italians are in every state and people remain very proud of their Italian heritage. Many cities also have Italian clubs which members meet to discuss things like Italian festivals, traditions, teaching Italian language classes and so on. If I am not mistaken, Italians are the 3rd most populace immigrant group in American, only after UK & Ireland (they are put together in immigration history) and Germans.

    For speaking Italian, there are many areas of the US that have large enough immigrant populations that you can speak Italian. My wife is from Russia and I am fluent in Russian and in our city in Florida, it is 15% Russian/Ukrainian and so we could actually live without knowing English. Pats of NY are that way and you don't have to speak English. Even Miami is so Spanish that at major places like the airport, many people just speak Spanish, not English.

    To get a green card, your boyfriend would probably have to show that he is going to be investing in making a business in the US. The difficulty is that there is a requirement of a lot of money to show how serious you are about opening up a business. You could always try for the Visa Lottery, where you apply an at a certain point in the year, if they pick your name, you are allowed to immigrate to the US. You should really check the US Department of State website on visas to get a better idea of coming to the US.


    Fonte/i: Steve Voguit, professor of History and Geography at Flagler College.
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    Yes...plenty in NY area.

    I lived in Lodi NJ....on Sidney St....next street over was Garibaldi Ave.

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