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Cerco canzoni hip hop?

cerco delle canzoni di hip hop che si avvicinano alla musica che fa M.I.A. (non so se qualcuno la conosce)... cmq è uno stile hip hop che si avvicina molto all'elettronica e cerco anche canzoni house su cui ballare sempre hip hop... ringrazio in anticipo...

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    Flo-rida e tpain - low

    Flo Rida ft Timbaland - Elevator

    Nelly feat. Fergie - party people

    Usher - love in this club

    Timbaland - the way i are

    Kayne West - stronger

    2 Live Crew - Me So Horny

    2Pac - I Don't Give A ****

    2Pac - Keep Ya Head Up

    A Tribe Called Quest - Award Tour

    A Tribe Called Quest - Scenario

    Above The Law - Murder Rap

    Afu-Ra - Lyrical Monster

    Beatnuts - Watch Out Now

    Beatnuts - Wolds Famous

    Big Daddy Kane - Ain't No Half Steppin'

    Big Daddy Kane - Warm It Up

    Big Punisher - Still Not A Player

    Biz Markie - The Vapours

    Biz Markie - Biz Is Goin' Off

    Boogie Down Production - Criminal Minded

    Boogie Down Production - South Bronx

    Brand Nubian - Brand Nubian

    Busta Rhymes - Gimme Some More

    Busta Rhymes - Woo Hah!! Got You All In Check

    Busta Rhymes - Dangerous

    Cam'ron - Hey Ma'

    Common - Heidi Hoe

    Common - I Used To Love HER

    Common - Invocation

    Common - The 6th Sense

    Compton's Most Wanted - Hood Took Me Under

    Cypress Hill - Insane In The Brain

    Cypress Hill - How I Could Just Kill A Man

    Cypress Hill - Rock Superstar

    Da Lench Mob - Guerillas In Tha Mist

    Das Efx - Baknaffek

    Das Efx - Microphone Master

    Das Efx - Real Hip-Hop

    De La Soul - Ring Ring Ring

    De La Soul - Me Myself & I

    De La Soul - Supa Emcees

    Del The Funkee Homosapien, Dan - If You Must

    Del The Funkee Homosapien, Dan - Mastermind

    Dr.Dre - **** Wit Dre Day

    Dr.Dre - Nuthin' But A G Thang

    EPMD - It's My Thing

    Eric B. & Rakim - Paid In Full

    Eric B. & Rakim - Follow The Leader

    Fila Fresh Crew - It's Funkee Enought

    Fila Fresh Crew - Dunk the Funk

    Fugees - Ready Or Not

    Gang Starr - Manifest

    Gang Starr - What You Want This Time

    Gang Starr - Mass Appeal

    Gravediggaz - 1-800 Suicide

    Gravediggaz - Fairytalez

    Gravediggaz - Zig Zag Chamber

    Guru - Living Legend

    Ice Cube - It Was A Good Day

    Ice Cube - No Vaseline

    Ice-T - New Jack Hustler

    Ice-T - I'm Your Pusher

    Jay-Z - 99 Problems

    Jay-Z - Regrets

    Jeru The Damaja - D Original

    Jeru The Damaja - Rasta Power

    Jurassic 5 - Concrete Schoolyard

    Kool G Rap - Road To The Riches

    Kool G Rap - Cars

    Kool G Rap - Il Street Blues

    KRS-One - F-Cked Up

    KRS-One - Hip Hop Lives

    KRS-One - MC's Act Like They Don't Know

    Kurtis Blow - The Breaks

    Kurtis Blow - Basketball

    LL Cool J - Doin It

    LL Cool J - Rock The Bells

    Lords Of Underground - Chief Rocka

    Main Source - Live At Barbeque

    Main Source - Looking At My Front Door

    Marley Marl - Droppin Science

    Masta Ace - Me And The Biz

    Mos Def - Definition

    Nas - Life's A Bitch

    Nas - Nas Is Like

    Nas - Nastradamus

    Notorious Big - Juicy

    Notorious Big - Kick In The Door

    Notorious Big - Machine Gun Funk

    NWA - Straight Outta Compton

    NWA - Fuc* The Police

    Papoose - Alphabeutical Slaughter

    Pete Rock - Verbal Murder 2

    Pete Rock - They Reminisce Over You

    Pitch Black - Nice

    Pitch Black - It's All Real

    Public Enemy - M.P.E.

    Public Enemy - Bring The Noise

    Public Enemy - Fight The Power

    Public Enemy - 911 Is A Joke

    Rob Base - It Takes Two

    Run DMC - Peter Piper

    Run DMC - My Adidas

    Run DMC - King Of Rock

    Slick Rick - King

    Slick Rick - Children Story

    Snoop Dogg - Who Am I

    Snoop Dogg - B Please

    Snoop Dogg - Round Here

    Spoonie Gee - The Godfather

    Stetsasonic - Go Stetsa

    Stetsasonic - DBC Let The Music Play

    Sugarhill Gang - Rapper's Delight

    The Firm - Phone Tap

    Ultramagnetic MCs - Critical Breakdown

    Westside Connection - Gangsta Nation

    Westside Connection - The Gangsta, The Killa And The

    Wu-Tang Clan - CREAM

    Wu-Tang Clan - For Heavens Sake

    Wu-Tang Clan -The Heart Gently Weeps

    50cent: candy shoop

    50cent: many man

    50cent: piggy bank

    Llyond banks: on fire


    eminem:lose yourself

    snoop doog: that's so that shit

    Akon ft snoop doog: i wanna you

    2pac:california love

    2pac:hit em up

    2pac:thug passion

    mobb deep:shock ones

    mobb deep:survival of the fitness

    eminem:welcom to detroit city

    fat joe:lean black

    50cent:just a little bit

    Nas:I Can

    The Fugees: Ready Or Not

    The Roots :Don't Say Nuthin'

    Outkast: B.O.B.

    Kanye West: Jesus Walks


    Busta Rhymes - Touch It

    Chris Brown - Run It

    Dr. Dre Feat Snoop Dogg - Still Dre

    Dr.Dre & Snoop Dogg & D'Angelo - Imagine

    Eminem -Mockingbird (testo più traduzione)

    Eminem ft 50 Cent - You Don't Know

    Eminem - When i'gone (Testo piu traduzione)

    Eminem - The Re-Up

    Fat Man Scoop ft Timbaland & Magoo - Drop

    The Game - Dreams

    The Game - Westside Story


  • 1 decennio fa

    50 Cent - Wanksta dovrebbe essere hip hop ma senti se vuoi c'è pinguo ke è house.

    ma io ti consiglio se vuoi veramente ascoltare musica

    ascolta 50cent-akon-acdc-u2-eminem-tettonk-porno riviste ecc...


  • 1 decennio fa

    kanzoni house su kui ballare hip hop..kosa centra?

    vbb prova ciara..

  • Anonimo
    1 decennio fa

    vuoi canzoni house x ballare hip-hop???!?!?!?!?!?!?

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    HMMMM prova su citta' nostra ahaaa

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