ciao a tutti mi servirebbe sapere il titolo di una canzone?

che dice qualcosa come "i hear you bom bom down" alla radio mi sembra abbiano detto " broken dreams" ma non la riesco a trovare quindi a questo punto non credo fosse quello il titolo. è una canzone veloce,diciamo hip hop. grazie a tutti


questa canzone spesso e mixata con land of 1000 dances

Aggiornamento 2:

land of 1000 dances è quella dello spot di mirabilandia quella che fa one,two,three e poi nel ritornalle na na na na naaa na na na naa nanana nanana,lo so,è poco ma non so come spiegarl meglio

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    Baby Cham Feat. Rihanna - Boom Boom


    She got it for me

    Leave a message on mi phone she want me

    She cry a lot of tears nuff like a real tsunami

    Listen up cuz shawty wants me to meet her mommy

    From the first time she saw me


    Verse One

    I'll give gifts and I'll write love lettas

    When I'm around everyting seem betta

    Woman fi get romance everytime

    Make chills run down dem spine

    Speak ya mind!

    (Chorus) Rihanna:

    Boy you make my heart go

    Boom Boom Boom

    You know when you get mi hot it go

    Boom Boom Boom

    When you touch me like that it go

    Boom Boom Boom

    You know when you hit de spot it go

    Boom Boom Boom


    Verse 2:

    She lose it fuh real when mi

    Touch her touch her

    Take it real slow nah

    Rush her rush her

    Tonight mi a go stown and chiney

    Brush her

    Never had it like this

    And me well wa bus her

    Touched her and she lost it

    I can see it on her face

    She shakin' I can feel it

    When she is in my embrace.

    She say!


    Verse 3:

    Zoom, Zoom

    Zoom Zoom Zoom

    Rude bwoy lovin mi give her make her heart go


    Boom Boom Boom

    Messin around and makin out in da car

    Buy her gifts oda day just becah

    My game so tight it's like I aint

    Got no flaws

    Went clubbin and I paid for a whole entourage

    I'm a sweetheart plus I give a mean foot massage

    Valentine was hot cuz we had wine unda the moon

    I laid petals from the front door leading to her bedroom

    She Cry!



    My love is perculating

    Cuz I'm anticipating

    (I know what you want)

    This love that we be sharin

    Has got me ...

    Verse 4:

    She hit mi wicket like

    Cricket cricket

    When she use her hips and

    Flick it flick it

    She sed she love when she and da

    Rude bwoy kick it

    Mek she scream all night cuz meh

    Have her ticket

    De okay round ting don't burn out minutes

    Seen a lot of time tryin but guess who win it

    She love de marathon she nah like run wit it

    She want slow motion till she reach her limit

    Touched her and she lost it I can see it on her face

    She shakin I can feel it when she is in my embrace

    She say!



    Feeling weak, in my knees

    Lost my mind, baby please

    No control, ohh fire when my baby give me stars like this

    Feeling weak, in my knees

    Lost my mind, baby please

    No control, ohh fire when my baby give me stars like this

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    your song di elton john that is basically a splash humorous this sense interior i'm no longer a style of who can unquestionably cover i've got not got plenty money yet boy if I did i could purchase a huge homestead the place we the two could stay If i grew to become right into a sculptor, yet nonetheless, no Or a guy who makes potions in a travelling tutor i understand that isn't any longer plenty even however that's the superb i will do My present is my song and this one's for you and you will tell all of us it truly is your song that is relatively basic yet now that that is done i desire you do no longer strategies i desire you do no longer strategies that I placed down in words How extraordinary existence is on an analogous time as you're in the international I sat on the roof and kicked off the moss properly a number of the verses properly they have have been given me somewhat flow however the solar's been somewhat style on an analogous time as I wrote this song that is for folk such as you that save it grew to become on So excuse me forgetting yet those issues I do you spot i've got forgotten in the event that they are eco-friendly or they are blue besides the element is what i individually propose Yours are the sweetest eyes i've got ever seen

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    potrebbe essere quella dei Vengaboys "Boom Boom Boom" boh cmq ti do il link di youtube

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    potrebbe essere

    Will Dailey - Boom Boom


    The Outhere Brothers - Boom Boom Boom

    però l ultima è una canzone hardcore

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    non saprei mi dispiace

  • ciao, proviamoci.... con diversi link e poi dimmi te se per caso la becco.

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    nn lo so mi disp ciaoo kiss!!!

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    prova a cercare su you tube

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