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Mi traducete qst testo in italiano??10 punti alla migliore traduzione?


There was no amount of magic, Clary thought as she and Luke circled the block for the third time, that could create new parking spaces on a New York City street. There was nowhere for the truck to pull in, and half the street was double-parked. Finally Luke pulled up at a hydrant and shifted the pickup into neutral with a sigh. "Go on," he said. "Let them know you're here. I'll bring your suitcase."

Clary nodded, but hesitated before reaching for the door handle. Her stomach was tight with anxiety, and she wished, not for the first time, that Luke were going with her. "I always thought that the first time I went overseas, I'd have a passport with me at least."

Luke didn't smile. "I know you're nervous," he said. "But it'll be all right. The Lightwoods will take good care of you."

I've only told you that a million times, Clary thought. She patted Luke's shoulder lightly before jumping down from the truck. "See you in a few."

She made her way down the cracked stone path, the sound of traffic fading as she neared the church doors. It took her several moments to peel the glamour off the Institute this time. It felt as if another layer of disguise had been added to the old cathedral, like a new coat of paint. Scraping it off with her mind felt hard, even painful. Finally it was gone and she could see the church as it was. The high wooden doors gleamed as if they'd just been polished.

There was a strange smell in the air, like ozone and burning. With a frown she put her hand to the knob. I am Clary Morgenstern, one of the Nephilim, and I ask entrance to the Institute-

The door swung open. Clary stepped inside. She looked around, blinking, trying to identify what it was that felt somehow different about the cathedral's interior.

She realized it as the door swung shut behind her, trapping her in a blackness relieved only by the dim glow of the rose window far overhead. She had never been inside the entrance to the Institute when there had not been dozens of flames lit in the elaborate candelabras lining the aisle between the pews.

She took her witchlight stone out of her pocket and held it up. Light blazed from it, sending shining spokes of illumination flaring out between her fingers. It lit the dusty corners of the cathedral's interior as she made her way to the elevator near the bare altar and jabbed impatiently at the call button.

Nothing happened. After half a minute she pressed the button again-and again. She laid her ear against the elevator door and listened. Not a sound. The Institute had gone dark and silent, like a mechanical doll whose clockwork heart had run down.

Her heart pounding now, Clary hurried back down the aisle and pushed the heavy doors open. She stood on the front steps of the church, glancing about frantically. The sky was darkening to cobalt overhead, and the air smelled even more strongly of burning. Had there been a fire? Had the Shadowhunters evacuated? But the place looked untouched....

"It wasn't a fire." The voice was soft, velvety and familiar. A tall figure materialized out of the shadows, hair sticking up in a corona of ungainly spikes. He wore a black silk suit over a shimmering emerald green shirt, and brightly jeweled rings on his narrow fingers. There were fancy boots involved as well, and a good deal of glitter.

"Magnus?" Clary whispered.

"I know what you were thinking," Magnus said. "But there was no fire. That smell is hellmist-it's a sort of enchanted demonic smoke. It mutes the effects of certain kinds of magic."

"Demonic mist? Then there was-"

"An attack on the Institute. Yes. Earlier this afternoon. Forsaken-probably a few dozen of them."

"Jace," Clary whispered. "The Lightwoods-"

"The hellsmoke muted my ability to fight the Forsaken effectively. Theirs, too. I had to send them through the Portal into Idris."

"But none of them were hurt?"

"Madeleine," said Magnus. "Madeleine was killed. I'm sorry, Clary."

Clary sank down onto the steps. She hadn't known the older woman well, but Madeleine had been a tenuous connection to her mother-her real mother, the tough, fighting Shadowhunter that Clary had never known.

"Clary?" Luke was coming up the path through the gathering dark. He had Clary's suitcase in one hand. "What's going on?"

Clary sat hugging her knees while Magnus explained. Underneath her pain for Madeleine she was full of a guilty relief. Jace was all right. The Lightwoods were all right. She said it over and over to herself, silently. Jace was all right.

"The Forsaken," Luke said. "They were all killed?"

"Not all of them." Magnus shook his head. "After I sent the Lightwoods through the Portal, the Forsaken dispersed; they didn't seem interested in me. By the time I shut the Portal, they were all gone."

Clary raised her head. "The Portal's closed? But-you can still send me to Idris, right?" she asked. "I mean, I can go through the Portal and join the Lightwoods ther

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    Nn c'era nessuna presenza di magia, clary pensò a cm lei e luke girarono il blocco x la 3a volta, tnt da poter creare nuove none di parkeggio su una strada di new york city. nn c'era ness1 posto dv poter parkeggiare i camion, e metà della strada era parkeggiata. alla fine luke tirò su un idrante e mise il pickup(penso sia il bus) in folle con un sospiro. "vai" disse. "lascia ke sappiano ke 6 qui. ti porterò la tua valigia." Clary annuì, ma esitò prima di di raggiungere la maniglia della porta. il suo stomaco si era stretto dall'ansia, e lei sperava, nn x la 1a volta. ke luke andasse cn le. "ho sempre pensato ke la prima volta ke sare andato all'estero, avrei avuto almeno 1 passaporto cn me." luke nn sorrise. "so ke 6 nervosa", disse. "ma andrà tt bn". le luci del bosco avranno buona cura di te." te l'ho sl detto milioni di volte, pensò clary. diede un colpetto leggero alla spalla di luke prima di saltare giù dal camion. "ci vediamo tra pc".

    fece la sua strada giù x il sentiero cn crepe di pietra, il suono del traffico si sbiadì appena fu vicina alle porte della kiesa. ciò le fece impiegare parekkio tempo x togliere il fascino dell'istituto qst volta. sembra cm se un altro strato di travestimento fosse stato aggiunto alla vekkia cattedrale, cm una nuova mano di colore. graffiarlo cn la mente era difficile x lei, persino doloroso. alla fine se n'era andato e lei potè vedere la kiesa così com'era. le grandi porte di legno luccicarono come se fossero state appena lucidate. c'era uno strano odere nell'aria, come l'ozono e di bruciato. aggrottando le soprcciglia mise la sua mano sul pomello. sn clary morgenstern, una delle nephilim, e kiedo di entrare nell'isituto - la porta si aprì oscillando. clary salì dentro. si gurdò intorno, sbattendo le palpebre, cercando d'indentificare cs'era quelle sensazione in qualke modo diversa dall'interno della cattedrale. se ne rese conto appena la porta si kuse di colpo dietro di lei intrappolandola nell'uscourità rivissuta sl dal fioco bagliore del rosone in alto lontano. nn era mai stata nell'entrata dell'istituto qnd nn c'erano state dozzine di candele accese sugli elaborati candelabri allineati sullla corsia tra i banki dela kiesa. tirò fuori dalla tasca la sua luminosa pietra stregata e la alzò.

    l'ho fatta fino a "held it up"...nn ho + tempo se vuoi mandamela x mail e te la finisco...ma almeno dammi 10 pt..:P


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