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Is Italy a great power? Talking about military, economy and politics?


message to alibaba: Italy has got 2 aircraft carriers Cavour and Garibaldi.



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    Military to scared to fight in afganistan. does not have nukes. has one aircraft carrier.

    4th Largest economy in europe. gdp $1.8trn (USA gdp is $13trn)

    poliitically very weak as the government changes frequently

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    By itself? Not really. Italy is one of the major economies of the world and a member of the G8. So it is an economic power, but it is by no means a superpower. And Italy's military is not among the most powerful in the world.

    However, the world is a changing place. It is no longer useful to think of individual nation-states in Europe as world powers, becuase they are all members of the European Union. The EU certainly is a major player on the world stage, politically and economically, and to a lesser extent, militarily.

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    ah, have you ever heard of any Italian great powers? I mean besides the roman empire. Yeah well NO

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    How can I be tactful .... No!!

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