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searching for a lightweight and superior quality compact digital camera, budget around £300-£375?

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    For a compact camera (P&S), vs. a DSLR, in that price point I'd recommend a few options to consider:

    1- Panasonic Lumix DMC-TS1

    2- Casio EX-FS10

    I don't know exchange rates, but this one might be just beyond your price range:

    3- Sigma DP2

    Happy hunting!

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    Oh you're spoilt for choice here, and you can choose which way to go.

    Small size:

    Canon G9 and G11, Panasonic LX3

    These three are all pocket sized cameras with the levels of freedom that an SLR offers. The problem is that their small sensors will struggle when the light is poor.

    No compromise P&S:

    Canon SX20, and Fujifilm F200EXR. These pack larger (and in the case of the Fuji fancier) sensors, they are the next best thing from an SLR. Problems are they are so bulky and don't offer interchangeable lenses that you wonder what is the point of getting it rather than an SLR.

    Micro fourthirds 'SLR':

    A new generation of SLR-like cameras, like the Panasonic G1 and Olympus PEN. They offer larger sensors, and interchangeable lenses, at minimal size. However all this does come at a rather hefty price tag, and once more their advantage is only size over an SLR, while still not being pocket friendly.

    There is no perfect camera out there, so these three are all compromises between size and performance. I will always lean to the the Canon G11, because of its compactness, since if I need an SLR I have an SLR.

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    I have a Canon S3 IS. It's the best digital camera i've ever owned. Not quite the best on being compact but the Canon powershot series is one of the best affordable camera out there.

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    Get the Kodak Easy Share. Best digi camera for your money. Affordable.

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    For your budget you can get good dslr camera Canon EOS 1000D which can take better picture quality than point & shoot camera

    but if you want point 7 shoot camera,here are some good model that I would recommend

    - Panasonic LX3

    - Panasonic FZ38

    - Canon G10

    - Canon SX10

    Both are good camera

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