riassunto in inglese please 10pt?

questo è quello che è stato prima: Simon calls his daughter's teacher, Miss Pru.

He wants to complain about the fact that his daughter, Jessica, will be playing a secondary part in the coming school play. He says that he thinks the icicle part is very marginal and would like to know what the icicles do in the play.

"They drip" is the bewildering (sconcertante) answer from the teacher.

Simon complains about the fact that her daughter has a small part while the year before she had played in a more important role.

He goes on and on repeating the previous year's lines, he would like a better part for his daughter even though he is sure she would make a superb icicle. Simon suggests the part of Dick the Sheperd because instead of sucking her thumb she would be blowing her nail but the part is already taken. Simon worries that if her daughter were applauded for her thumb sucking it woud be very bad for his remedial teacher

adesso devo fare il riassunto di questo:

Joanna: (seizing the phone again) Who the hell’s playing Mary?

Simon: sorry. Who is playing Mary as a matter of interest? Tracy Broadbent!

Joanna: Tracy Broadbent? Jesus!

Simon: yes, we do know Tracy as a matter of fact. Her mother used to clean for us, after a fashion. I have a vivid memory of Tracy as Herod in last year’s offering. The performance was (…) not good, Pru. Tracy Broadbent was not good at all. Way over the top. I frankly couldn’t believe in her. No. tracy’s Herod didn’t work for either of us. You also must remember Tracy comes from a one-parent family and that one parent, her mother, goes out to work and therefore won’t able to attend the performance. So, let’s face it, from a box-office point of view Tracy Broadbent is a no-no. she is a Big Nothing, Pru. You aren’t going to get a line round the block with little Tracy. Whereas with Jessica in the role you’d sell half a dozen tickets on her name alone. Her granny would come with one or two of her more mobile friends, Ulla, our au pair, Ignaz, Ulla’s Turkish boyfriend – I mean it’s house-full notices practically before the box office opens.

Joanna: (bitterly) Besides, Tracy Broadbent was the one who bit Jessica in the bottom.

Simon: My wife has just reminded me that Tracy bit little Jessica in the bottom. That’s hardly my idea of the Virgin Mary. The Mother of God didn’t go round biting people in the bottom, or if she did the gospels are silent on the point. Well I agree, Pru: Tracy probably is disturbed, but do you want a disturbed child in the role of the Blessed Mother? You do? I should have thought calm was the keynote. Oh, I see. Mary is being played as a battered wife. And baby Jesus as a battered baby. So what does that make Joseph’ GAY. I WAS A FOOL TO ASK.

JOANNA: Is he cast?

Simon: my wife inquires if Joseph is cast. Jessica can play gay, I’m sure. No. she wouldn’t object to dragging up. Oh, I see. He’s going to be black. Well she could black up. You don’t seem to understand , Pru: this is an adaptable little girl.

Joanna: Skip it. Ask her about the There Wise Men.

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    Joanna asks rudely who is playing Mary, when she hears it's Tracy Broadbent she can't believe it.

    Her husband takes the phone from her and says that Tracy is a failure, that her single mother won't attend the play whereas Jessica would bring half a dozen people.Furthermore Tracy bit Jessica in the bottom and that would be unfitting for someone playing the role of the virgin Mary; he adds that Tracy is also a disturbed child (bambina con problemi mentali). Miss Pru replies that Mary is a battered wife and the baby Jesus a battered child. Simon gets very sarcastic and asks if Joseph is going to be gay. He suggests that Jessica could play Joseph because she wouldn't mind dressing up as a male. Miss Pru explains that Joseph is black.

    Joanna suggests to his husband to ask about the Three Wise Men.

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    vai su translate per l'inglese. inserisci il testo ed è già automaticamente tradotto

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