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qualcuno sa tradurlo?

lo so ke è moltissimo ma mi basterebbe anke solo il prologo..ho già provato a tradurlo con babelfish e il traduttore di google ma nn si capisce niente..grazie in anticipo 10 punti alla traduzione migliore


Book 2 in the Evernight Series


Frost began to creep up the walls.

Transfixed, I watched lines of frost lace their way across the stone of the north tower's records room. The pattern swept up from the floor, covering the wall, even icing the ceiling with something flaky and white. A few small, silvery crystals of snow hung in the air.

It was all delicate and ethereal—and completely unnatural. The room's chill cut deeper than my skin, down into my marrow. If only I hadn't been alone. If somebody else could have been there to see it, I might have been able to believe it was real. I might have been able to believe I was safe.

The ice crackled so loudly, I jumped. As I watched, my eyes wide and breath coming in thin, quick gasps, the frost etching its way across the window obscured the view of the night sky outside, blocking the moonlight, but somehow I could still see. The room possessed its own light now. All the many lines of frost on the window broke this way and that, not at random but in an eerie pattern, creating a recognizable shape.

A face.

The frost man stared back at me. His dark, angry eyes were so detailed that it seemed as though he were looking back at me. The face in the frost was the most vivid image I'd ever seen.

Then the cold stabbed into my heart as I realized: He really was looking back at me. Once, I hadn't believed in ghosts—

Chapter 1

At midnight, the storm arrived.

Dark clouds scudded across the sky, blotting out the stars. The quickening wind chilled me as strands of my red hair blew across my forehead and cheeks. I pulled up the hood of my black raincoat and tucked my messenger bag beneath it.

Despite the gathering storm, the grounds of Evernight still weren't completely dark. Nothing less than total darkness would do. Evernight Academy's teachers could see in the night and hear through the wind. All vampires could.

Of course, at Evernight, the teachers weren't the only vampires. When the school year began in a couple of days, the students would arrive, most of them as powerful, ancient, and undead as the professors.

I wasn't powerful or ancient, and I was still very much alive. But I was a vampire, in a way—born to two vampires, destined to become one myself eventually, and with my own appetite for blood. I'd slipped past the teachers before, trusting in my own powers to help me, as well as some dumb luck. But tonight I waited for that darkness. I wanted as much cover as possible.

I guess I was nervous about my first burglary.

The word burglary makes it sound sort of cheap, like I was just going to barge into Mrs. Bethany's carriage house and ransack the place for money or jewelry or something. I had more important reasons.

Raindrops began to patter down as the sky darkened further. I ran across the grounds,

casting a few glances toward the school's stone towers as I went. As I skidded through

of hesitation. Seriously? You're going to break into her house? Break into anyone's house? You don't even download music you haven't paid for. It was kind of surreal, reaching into my bag and pulling out my laminated library card for a use other than checking out books. But, I was determined. I would do this. Mrs. Bethany left the school maybe three nights a year, which meant tonight was my chance. I slid the card between door and doorjamb and started jimmying the lock.

Five minutes later, I was still uselessly wiggling the library card around, my hands now cold, wet, and clumsy. On TV, this part always looked so easy. Real criminals could probably do this in about ten seconds flat. However, it was becoming more obvious by the second that I wasn't much of a criminal.

Giving up on plan A, I started searching for another option. At first the windows didn't look much more promising than the door. Sure, I could have broken the glass and opened any of them instantly, but that would have defeated the don't-get-caught part of my plan.

As I rounded a corner, I saw to my surprise that Mrs. Bethany had left one window open—just a crack. That was all I needed.

As I slowly slid the window up, I saw a row of African violets in little clay pots, sitting on the sill. Mrs. Bethany had left them where they would get fresh air and perhaps some rain. It was weird to think about Mrs. Bethany caring for any living thing. I carefully pushed the pots to one side so I would have room to hoist myself through the window.

Getting in through an open window? Also much harder than it looks on TV.

of jump to get started. Panting, I began to pull myself through, and it was difficult not to just fall flat on the floor inside. I was trying to come down feet-first. But I'd gone through the window headfirst, and I couldn't exact

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    Non è una traduzione perfetta ma il senso mi sembra abbastanza chiaro. Ne ho aggiunto un altro pezzetto ma ora non ho più voglia di tradurre. Perché non provi a spezzare il brano in più domande? Chi legge sarà più propenso a tradurre poche righe piuttosto che un testo così lungo.


    La sognatrice, secondo libro della serie Evernight.

    Prologo: Il ghiaccio inizia a strisciare sui muri.

    Osservavo come paralizzata le linee di ghiaccio intrecciarsi attraverso la pietra della stanza dei documenti nella Torre nord. Il disegno veniva spazzato via dal pavimento, coprendo il muro, spolverando persino il soffitto con qualcosa di bianco e a fiocchi. Alcuni piccoli, cristalli di neve argentei erano sospesi nell'aria.

    Tutto era così delicato ed etereo- e completamente innaturale. Il freddo della stanza penetrava in profondità nella mia pelle, giù fino al midollo. Se solo non fossi stata sola. Se qualcun' altro fosse stato lì a vederlo, avrei potuto credere che tutto questo fosse reale. Sarei riuscita a credere di essere in salvo.

    Il ghiacciò scricchiolò così forte da farmi saltare. Come guardai, i miei occhi si ingrandirono e il mio respiro si trasformò in ansimi sottili e veloci, il gelo incideva la sua via attraverso la finestra oscurando il cielo notturno all'esterno, ma qualcosa potevo ancora vederlo. La stanza ora possedeva una sua luce propria. Tutte le innumerevoli linee di ghiaccio sulla finestra si ruppero qui e là, non in modo casuale ma in un disegno lugubre, creando una forma riconoscibile.

    Una faccia.

    L'uomo di ghiaccio aveva il suo sguardo fisso nel mio. I suoi occhi scuri e arrabbiati erano così dettagliati che sembrava davvero che guardassero me. La faccia nel ghiaccio era l' immagine più vivida che avessi mai visto.

    Poi il freddo pugnalò il mio cuore nel momento in cui lo realizzai: lui stava davvero fissandomi. Una volta, io non credevo nei fantasmi-

    Capitolo 1. Mezzanotte, la tempesta è arrivata.

    Nuvole scure percorrevano velocemente il cielo, cancellando le stelle. Il vento sempre più forte mi faceva gelare mentre alcune ciocche dei miei capelli rossi sbattevano sulla mia fronte e sulle guance. Tirai su il cappuccio dell'impermeabile nero e nascosi la mia messenger bag sotto di esso.

    Nonostante l'intersificarsi della tempesta, Evernight non era ancora completamente al buio. Non che il buio completo avrebbe fatto qualche differenza. Gli insegnanti dell' Accademia di Evernight potevano vedere di notte e udire attraverso il vento. Tutti i vampiri erano in grado di farlo.

    Naturalmente, gli insegnanti ad Everville non erano i soli vampiri. Un paio di giorni prima dell'inizio della scuola, arrivavano gli studenti, molti dei quali erano potenti, antichi e non morti come i professori. Io non ero antica o potente, ed ero sicuramente molto viva. Ma comunque una vampira, in un certo senso, nata da due vampiri, destinata io stessa a diventarlo, con appetito per il sangue. Ero riuscita a sgusciare tra gli insegnanti in passato, fiduciosa nell'aiuto dei miei poteri e nella fortuna. Ma stanotte aspettavo il buio totale. Avrei avuto bisogno della massima copertura possibile.

    Suppongo di essere stata nervosa a causa del mio primo furto con scasso.

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    il primo verso : il ghiaccio striscia sulle pareti.

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