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Discovery conference?


I'm an italian law student and i've a question about pre-trial phase: what do you mean with "discovery Conference"? and in Federal Rules of civile Procedure is it treated?


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    Under the U.S. Federal Rules of Civil Procedure there are two types of discovery conferences. Discovery, as you probably know, is the process in the U.S. in which parties are required to exchange factual information about the case. Under Rule 16, the parties are required to attend a conference with the judge to discuss what discovery each party will be seeking. After the conference, the judge will issue an order setting deadlines for discovery. Before that conference, the lawyers are required to meet (although they usually don't meet in person. They usually discuss the issues by phone and email). During those discussions, the parties are required to try to agree on any discovery disputes before they have the Rule 16 conference with the judge.

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    A discovery conference is merely a meeting for both sides of a case to exchange and/or request documents or any evidence not already provided in the case.~

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    Both lawyers of each party of the case meet and review all the documentations of discovery for the out information with a local prosecutor's office

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