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Per favore mi potreste fare una composition di inglese? vi pregoooooo?

Una qualsiasi composition su un viaggio fatto ...(di 130/140 parole.. nn deve essere per forza cosi anche 100 nn se ne accorgerà!!!) il tema principale deve essere un viaggio fatto all'estero e poi dove mi piacerebbe andare!!!! devo descrivere tutto di questo viaggio dalla partenza fino al ritorno a casa!!! il viaggio fate in francia e mi piacerebbe andare a londra!!! grazie mille... nahc ein albergo tutto la durate di questo viaggio è stato 1 settimana

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    Last summer I spent a week in Paris with my family. We left from the Milano Malpensa airport with an Alitalia flight direct to Charles Degaulle. The flight was great and after an hour and a half we landed in France. The weather was wonderful and I couldn't wait to get to the hotel and start to have a look around.

    The hotel was a beautiful nineteenth century building near the Eiffel Tower, with stylish rooms and a magnificient view of the city.

    After lunch we visited Notre Dame Cathedral and cllmbed up the tower, it was a long climb but the view we got was breathtaking, I felt on top of the world. We then went for a walk to the Opera and visited the shopping centre "La Fayette" where my mother brought some souveniers. That evening we stayed in the hotel because we were tired from the journey.

    The following morning we took a walk down the Champs- Elysees, saw the Arch of Triumph and arrived at the Eiffel Tower in time for lunch. Wae took the lift straight to the restaurant "Le 58 Tour Eiffel" situated on the first floor. We had a nice meal savouring all the french dishes. After lunch we went round the tower, my parents brought souveniers and I brought some postcards which had a special stamp on them a sign of the tower.

    That night we went on a cruise on the Bateaux Parisiens, which went from the Eiffel Tower down the left bank of the Siene all the way to the Financial Ministry at Bercy and returned to the Tower via the right bank passing by the Statue of Liberty. The boats are completely transparent providing total and perfect viewing of the beauty of Paris by night.

    The following days we spent going round the shops and stopped for a visit at the Louvre Museum, the entrance across a glass pyramid is something worth seeing and there are no words to describe the Mona LIsa. The last day we went to Concorde Square and saw the "fountain of the seas" situated on the south side of the square and recently restaured. We then went to The Invalides a building with a gold cupola which contains the crypt with the body of Napoleon.

    The next morning we left Paris and returned home, leaving behind a wonderful city full of monuments and sights that are worth seeing and cannot be visited in a week.

    For my next holiday I would like to visit London, another fascinating Eurpean city. Maybe we will go there next year!.

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    Last summer I went in Paris, an amazing city with a lot of museums, attraction and beautiful place that i'll never can forget. this travel was very long 'cause we was moving by bus, but it was very interesting. I've descovered the franch "cousine" and I like it so much... I've got some problem with the language, but I've tried to make me understand, any way. Like every travel this one is been very important for me, because I've learn a lot of things about franch tradiction, cousine and language. I hope to go in Londra.I love really Londra!

    La scorsa estate sono stato a Parigi, una città fantastica con tanti musei, attrazioni e bellissimi luoghi che non riuscirò mai a dimenticare. questo viaggio è stato molto lungo perchè ci muovevamo in bus, ma molto interessante. Ho scoperto la cucina francese e mi è piaciuta molto... ho avuto qualche problema con la lingua ma ho provato a farmi capire in qualche modo... come tutti i viaggi questo è stato molto importante per me perchè ho imparato un sacco di cose sulle tradizioni francesi la cucina e la lingua.spero di andare alondra.IO amo londra!

    This summer I Went in Paris, the travel has been very long, because we went by bus.

    We visited the city, the monuments(?) and many other museums.

    We stayed in one hotel called "ParisPest", it was really small, but cheap too!

    This has been a fantastic travel, i hope i could come back again

    metti qlcs insieme..se era piu presto te la facevo piu lunga ma dopo una giornata cosi nn so fare altro|

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