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canzoni?? *-*.........?

Ciao a tutti, potete scrivermi dei titoli di canzoni del momento? O che comunque sono recenti?

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    bad romance-lady gaga

    tik tok-kesha

    all the right moves-one republic

    meet me halfway-the black eyed peas

    morning after dark-timbaland feat. nelly furtado e soshy



    empire state of mind-jay z feat. alicia keys

    you know me-robbie williams

    dance the way I feel-ou est le swimming pool

    3 feat. cheryl cole

    video phone-beyoncè feat. lady gaga

    russian roulette-rihanna

    fireflies-owl city

    undisclosed desires-muse

    I won't kneel-groove armada

    peace song-bob sinclair

    meet me on the equinox-death cab for cutie

    fragile tension-depeche mode

    baby by me-50 cent feat. ne yo

    kings and queen-30 seconds to mars

    all night long-mousse t feat. suzie

    did it again-shakira

    the creationist-kerli feat. cesare cremonini

    22-lily allen

    chasing pirates-norah jones

    gangsta luv-snoop dogg feat. the dream

    down-jay sean feat. lil' wayne

    want-natalie imbruglia

    this is it-michael jackson

    just breathe-pearl jam

    sexy bitch-david guetta feat. akon

    doesn't mean anything-alicia keys

    hotel room service-pitbull

    on and on-agnes

    I need you-agnes

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