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white ink!!!?

hello guys! i have a little problem with my white ink tattoo. i did it 2 weeks ago.

a part of my tattoo is white(like it could be) and the other part is gray/brown..

is the crust? or will it remain half gray and half white?


thanks for the answers. bye

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    White tattoos are horrible for becomming discoloured. My tattoo artists refuses to use white ink because its so bad. They normally fade to a brownish colour within a month or so.

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    I am medium complected African-American. I had a black tattoo done with a white outline a few years ago. The white ink was very visible and looked great for awhile. I got a lot of compliments, but then the white part started to fade and then completely disappeared within a few months.

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    probz jus crust

    dont worry so much

    and if it is grey

    commplaine and sue the prix who did it

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