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Vanna ha chiesto in Scuola ed educazioneCompiti · 1 decennio fa

un aiutino da quelli che sono bravi a inglese?

allora, questa è la lettera che dovevo fare come compito per le vacanze...che ne pensate?

Dear Alicia,

I'm sorry if I'm answering you so late but I've been busy lately, the exams are coming and i must get prepared.

So, in your last letter you asked me if I could tell you something about me. Well, I'm afraid there's not much to tell...

My family it's made up by my father Andrea, my mother Daniela, my brother Adrian and me.

I like to go out with friends, read books, listen music, play the guitar, surf the Internet, watch TV and other stuff that all teenagers usually do...I play volleyball, but I must say that I don't like it too much, I prefer horse riding, it's more relaxing and it gives you the possibility to explore new places.

I listen to rock, pop-punk, soul, R&B, Japanese music, etc...As I said before, I like to read a lot, expecially books about vampires and fantasy things. My favorites are The Twilight Saga and Vampire Diaries. And about movies...I like horror and comedy the most, but i usually watch everything.

Talking about movies, last Saturday i went to the cinema with my brother. We saw a weird movie called “The fourth type”. It talks about aliens. Me and my brother thought it was like the old story, you know? “The aliens come to destroy the Earth but in the end somehow we stop them”. No, this was different. It was made by the true story of a psychologist who became crazy because of something that nobody could explain. It's a really good movie, and i think you should see it because last time you said you like this kind of things.

Hey, guess what, today I found my new favorite place. It's a park near the castle called “Belvedere”. It has the most beautiful view around here, and I don't like it only because of that, it's also because it's a calm, quiet and relaxing place where you can think in peace without all the children screaming and crying around.

Oh, and by the way, Easter it's coming so tell me what are your plans . I think I'm going to stay home this year, because my mother has already invited some relatives from Brescia.

I think that's all. I will wait your letter and Happy Easter to you and your family.

Hugs and Kisses,


grazie in anticipo...baci

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  • Anonimo
    1 decennio fa
    Risposta preferita

    - I'm answering TO you

    - I'm afraid because there's not much to tell...

    - My family is COMPOSED OF..

    - I like goING out with my friends, readING books, listenING to music, playING the guitar, surfING ON the Internet, watchING tv and other KIND OF THINGS WHICH all...

    - toau I HAVE FOUND

    - I like it only because of that but also because (penso che intendi dire che ti piace quel luogo e non che non ti piace)

    - but I must say I don't like it VERY much TO RIDE

    - I like readING a lot

    - fantasy STORIES

    - ...but I usually watch every sort of movies

    - I went to the movies (è corretto anche to the cinema ma visto che hai sempre usato l'inglese usa ti consiglio di essere usa non usano la parola cinema che è invece usata a Londra)

    - My favourite books are...

    - It was BASED ON A true story about a ...

    - I think I WILL stay AT home this year...

    - I'm waiting for your letter

    - I wish you and your family an Happy Easter

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  • Anonimo
    1 decennio fa

    tutto ok

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