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Storia di paura in inglese!!! O__o?

Per scuola devo inventare il finale di una storia di paura ke mi da il libro.. voi come la finireste??!!!

Questa è la storia con la traduzione:

I was standing in the doorway of a large room. i didn't know where i was or how i got here. it was a large empty room. there was hardly anything in it - no chairs, no tables, no cupboards. the only piece of furniture was a large mirror. it was broken and there was glass all over the floor. at the far end of the room was a window. there was a curtain drawn across it.

i decided to open the curtains to let more light into the room but when i got there, my foot kicked against something hard on the floor. i looked down and saw a foot sticking out from under the curtains. it was then that i noticed the blood it was every where.

suddenly i heard the sound of police cars. there must have been hundreds of them. i panicked, but i didn't know why. i hadn't done anything wrong.

then i looked down into my hands and i saw it the knife, its shiny blade dripping with blood

Ero sulla porta di una stanza di grandi dimensioni. Non sapevo dove ero e come sono arrivato qui. Era una grande stanza vuota. non c'era quasi nulla - né sedie, né tavoli, né armadi. l'unico mobile era un grande specchio. si era rotto e c'era vetro su tutto il pavimento. in fondo alla stanza c'era una finestra. c'era una tenda che si estende da esso.

Ho deciso di aprire le tende per far più luce nella stanza, ma quando sono arrivato, il mio piede sbattè contro qualcosa di duro sul pavimento. Ho guardato giù e ho visto un piede sporgeva da sotto le tende. è stato allora che ho notato il sangue dappertutto.

all'improvviso ho sentito il rumore dell' auto della polizia. ce ne dovevano essere centinaia. Fui presa dal panico, ma non sapevo perché. Non avevo fatto niente di male.

Poi ho guardato giù nelle mie mani e ho visto il coltello, la sua lama lucente grondante di sangue


Grazie milleeee!!! :)

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    I dropped the knife at once and made for the door, but as I turned around I bumped into a man; he was not very tall but he was sturdy, he was staring at me and there was a crooked smile upon his face. I shivered. What was I going to do now?

    He suddenly raised his arm and I realized I had to react quickly; I ducked his fist and run off.

    The corridor was dark and smelly, and even though my heart was beating hard in my ears I could still hear the man's heavy tread behind me.

    I finally saw a dim light and pushed harder and harder to get into the open before he could catch me.

    As soon as I was out, I saw at least ten guns and rifles pointing against me, nonetheless I couldn't stop, I was too scared.

    I kept running while holding my hands up high, screaming "don't shoot!" at the top of my lungs.

    After a couple of seconds I heard the click of a rifle and then all of a sudden I found myself in the middle of a storm of a hundred bullets. I thought "this is it, I'm never going to make it". Then that awful noise stopped and I could hardly believe I was still standing!

    I few steps behind me, Sturdy was laying face down on the grass, a bloody knife in his right hand.

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    I was so confused I wasn't able to move: How did that knife appear in my hands?

    I was horrified.

    All of a sudden I felt a hand on my shoulder. I wasn't brave enough to turn my head back to see who it was. The person, or whatever it was, understood this, so it came in front of me, but my eyes were staring the floor, I only saw too feet,two red feet, standing right in front of me.I looked behind him: the foot under the curtains had disappeard.My unconscius had the upper hand.I closed my hand , challenged the knife and plunged it in his body.A cloud of flying insects covered me.I was incredulous.What was happening to me?

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