which one of these netbook is better?

which one of these netbook is better?


or this one


if they are almost the same, can I chose by price? what do you think?

thank you

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    Get the Samsung...

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    It really depends on what you want to use it for.

    The first one (white):

    6 hr battery life

    1.3 kg

    160 GB

    2 year warrenty

    229.00 pounds

    The second one (black):

    3 hr battery life

    .95 kg

    250 GB

    3 year warrenty

    199.00 pounds

    Those are the stats. The pros of the black one is weighs less, larger storage (that's the GB's), longer warrenty, and cost 30 pounds less. The only pro of the white one is longer battery life. If you are willing to pay more for battery life, go for it, but I would personally buy the black one!

    Fonte/i: The site stats you gave me
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    I've only Apple products at home... up to IPhone or Netbook!

    and they are really very good material!

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    I would choose the samsung because they have good customer support and that machine runs very good as i have one.

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    Try this one, 10" screen is really small, I had a NC10


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    The second url. the zoostorm is better. it offers more quality things and looks great.

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    The black one looks sleeker and more refined, plus it's cheaper. I'd go for that one!

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    Don't have any idea.........

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