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can I use an internet key with this netbook?

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    You don't need a wireless (internet) adaptor/dongle/key - this netbook has a wireless card built-in. All this means to you is that you can take it straight out of the box and connect to the internet without any extra equipment (except, of course, your actual wireless network). If you use an ethernet (wired) connection, that's fine too - this netbook comes with a built-in ethernet port. Even if you did need to use a wirless (internet) adaptor/dongle/key, this netbook would be able to provide - it has two USB ports (USB ports are the type of port used by all wireless (internet) adaptor's/dongle's/key's, and many other peripherals such as mice/keyboards/external hard drives).

    If you're looking for a netbook to provide on-the-go access to documents and the internet, then it should fit your needs well. However, if you're looking for capabilities above this level, compare other netbooks on the market to this one (there are many review sites to choose from, such as Ciao ( http://www.ciao.co.uk/ ) and Google Products ( http://www.google.co.uk/products )).

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    the internet connects on a pc by way of a Lan (community section community) Connection and could run an analogous way as asny different information superhighway conncetion, in spite of the undeniable fact which you do not inevitably might desire to connect by way of an ethernet cable (having connection cords proscribing your mobility) you have freedom of mobility with a pc/netbook... desire to have been of counsel to you... i'm an approved Technician.

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