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Anonimo ha chiesto in Scuola ed educazioneCompiti · 1 decennio fa

aiutino in inglese?!?!?!urgenteeee!!!?

mi potete scrivere 5 frasi utilizzando il present continuous al futuro, 5 frasi con"to be going to" e 5 frasi con il future simple??

mi bastano semplici frasi...grazie mille!!!


per incasinata oggi pomeriggio :(

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  • irene
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    1 decennio fa
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    present continuous

    Are we leaving this house tomorrow?

    Next week they're throwing a party

    Susan is not arriving at 5 pm

    My brother is playing a concert tomorrow night

    I'm coming back home next monday

    to be going to

    I'm not going to lie for you

    Are you going to cook dinner?

    Our team is going to win the game

    Your cat is not going to eat that stuff

    James is going to learn how to swim

    simple future

    I will replace my TV set very soon

    Will you listen to me for a moment?

    I think I will join this group

    She won't come to the cinema

    We will share our car with you

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  • 1 decennio fa

    i'm going to have a shower.

    jack is going to go school.

    i'm going to eat a piece of cake.

    she is going to buy a yellow t-shirt

    jim is going to study this week end.

    i will clean my room next week.

    i will go to roma to do shopping next month.

    i will have a lunch with tom next monday.

    mary will travel a lot next saturday.

    jhon will take a dod next month.

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