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schok95 ha chiesto in Scuola ed educazioneCompiti · 1 decennio fa

potreste fare una lettera in inglese con il past simple descrivendo un week-end?

please per questa sera 10 punti al migliore!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


possibilmente di 150 parole vi prego aiuto!!!!

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  • 1 decennio fa
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    Mine weekend he has been much funny one, saturday quickly after school have gone with my friends to the Luna Park, has been fantastic, are amused me a lot. Saturdays evening have gone to a birthday festivity. Sunday l' I have last to the sea with my relatives, are amused me a lot.

    Qui c'è la traduzione in italiano

    Il mio weekend è stato molto divertente, sabato subito dopo scuola sono andata con i miei amici al Luna Park, è stato fantastico, mi sono divertita tanto. Sabato sera sono andata ad una festa di compleanno. Domenica l'ho passata al mare con i miei parenti, mi sono divertita molto.


    I really enjoyed my week end.On Saturday afternoon I stayed at home to rest a bit,because I was really tired,then I went out with my friends and we hung around the city. In the evening we ate pizza at my place and we watched a film,it was really funny!we laughed all the time.

    On Sunday I slept until 10,I love sleeping late when I can!I woke up,I had my breakfast and then I did my homework.In the afternoon I watched tv,because it has rained all day long!


    last saturday, after i did my homework, i met my friends at the city center for do shopping. i bought some t-shirt for the summer and then we went in a restaurant for a pizza: it was very good and cheaper!after than wedecide to go in a disco but it was raining so we went to the cinema for wach a horror film! then, when the film finished i went back to my home because i was very tired!

    i slept all sunday morning and in the afternoon i studyed agan!

    non so se va bene..penso di si..

    10 punti??

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