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One tree

Che Musica ascolta Peyton di one tree hill? titoli delle canzoni o artisti... grazieee

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    led zeppelin, gavin degraw, sheryl crow, fall out boy, the wreckers, jack's mannequin, , michelle featherstone, jimmy eat world, forty foot echo, nada surf, dashboard confessional, keane, the ataris, songs:ohia, nofx, runaway cab, ben lee, jet, n.e.r.d, finch, saliva, pete yorn, get up kids, mcluskly, celldweller, bosshouse, vertical herizon, longview, sense field, low flying owls, the 88, mojo monkeys, starsailor, pete francis, eastmountainsouth, kenna, sprung monkey, am radio, yellow card, matthew ryan, tegan and sara, jimmy cliff, screeching weasel, lucky town, anjali, rooney, dispatch, kill hannah, gigolo aunts, michael campion, maroon 5, johnny lang, train, the new amsterdams, cham pain, counting crows, electric farm, pennywise, sarah mclachlan, travis, fefe dobson, cheap trick, the band, lockgroove, beth waters, buva, wheat, across the sky, kyf brewer, world party, ryan adams, loquat, susan calloway, the squirts, the red thread, jenn shepard, belle & sebastian, ben jelen, arco, david grahame, butterfly boucher, jude, tom anderson, the luxury liners, phantom planet, kool & the gang, snow patrol, hathaway, the fire theft, the blackouts, the darkness, the defendants, cypress hill, the cure, sea ray, vast, lenny kravitz, five for fighting, rob giles, scissor sisters, gomez, emily sparks, trespassers william, the perishers, modest mouse, junk, louque, tom freund, the badge, ll cool j, cobalt party revolution, go betty go, korn, black eyed peas, the streets, athlete, michael tolcher, double owe, lo-tel, head automatica, let's go sailing, light fm, rogue wave, dee, atmosphere, rock n' roll soldiers, walkie talkie, zero 7, switchfoot, the shore, mary lou lord, the mooney suzuki, wonderlife, michael meanwhile, pete murray, jonathan rice, steriogram, radio 4, star, riddlin' kids, i am kloot, silver, doktor kosmos , midtown, the buffseeds, american analog set, sum 41, nolan, blue merle, morella's forest, vegas de milo, gwen stefani, john gold, rag city dolls, mitchell, the format, pete droge, rachael yamagata, trailer park pam (not to be confused with the guy at the cd store named trailer park mark), thornhill broom experience, patty griffin, stutterfly, citizen cope, 22-20's, charlie mars, d'lovely, public, mae, mark geary, louis xiv, anna nalick, ivy, tim cullen, division of laura lee, pilate, john doe, viva voce, dirty vegas, magnet, inara george, the kaiser chiefs, kasabian, people people, bettie serveert, dave gibbs, earlimart, story of the year, sorta, madison rose, gus black, west indian girl, charlie daniels band, the black keys, husky rescue, ambulance ltd, the belles, tamara bedricky, you would, mozella, damien jurado, every move a picture, the dandelions, velvet revolver, aeon spoke, saliva, ray lamontagne, the honorary title, missy higgins, butch walker, emiliana torrini, better than ezra, bloc party, susie suh, andrew paul woodworth, audioslave, the veils...questi sono i gruppi...

    per sapere le canzoni dovresti andare su qst forum nella sezione musica...

    e vedere quali canzoni vengono usate nelle camera quando ascolta la musica...

    ciao ;)

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    Direi che sono davvero troppi per ricordarseli e non sono nemmeno sicura che vengano nominati tutti.

    Mi ricordo sicuramente i Fall Out Boy, Nada Surf, Jack's Mannequin, Jimmy Eat World e i The Ataris.

    Comunque, questo è il sito italiano dedicato alla serie ed è una grandissima risorsa:

    e se vai qui,, all'interno di ogni stagione e di ogni episodio, trovi la singola canzone e il momento in cui si è sentita.

    Spero di esserti stata di aiuto.

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