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Anonimo ha chiesto in Beauty & StyleHair · 1 decennio fa

is throwing your hair in the garbage safe?

I wanted to be sure because in biology we learned that it had DNA and stuff so is is safe?

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  • 1 decennio fa
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    My grandma buried her hair to get thicker so voodoo people don't find them and put a spell on her.

    I cut mine in small pieces, in the trash they go!

  • 1 decennio fa

    It's safe as long as you are cool with evil scientific corporations making replicants using DNA samples from your hair.

    Lol. Just kidding. There's no problem with that.

  • Anonimo
    5 anni fa

    No, I threw my hair in the garbage once and someone ending up using it in a polyjuice potion and killed my parents.

  • Anonimo
    7 anni fa

    Afraid of being fined for littering your hair on the street? Or just paranoid they will try and clone you? The things trash collectors are capable of these days.. freaky. rofl

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  • 5 anni fa

    Of course it is safe, hair can pose no harm and many people throw out hair everyday. yes hair has DNA but that does not make it unsafe to throw away

  • 7 anni fa

    no it goes in a bio hazard since its biological substances

    jk of course u can through it in the trash how can u not know have u never cut your hair before

  • 1 decennio fa

    What, you think someone is going to commit a crime, and scatter your hair everywhere? Or clone you?

    It's fine.

  • 1 decennio fa

    it is safe, but you should visit and see what else you could do with this abundant renewable source!

  • Anonimo
    1 decennio fa

    donate it to a hair collection agency so it goes to cancer patients wigs

  • 1 decennio fa

    What do you think barber shops do?

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