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aiutoo compiti di inglese facili?

mi potete scrivere una lista di almeno 20 professioni comuni (con la traduzione in parte per favore). Tra queste ne dovrete descrivere 6 (descrizione di tre righe con scritto che lavoro è, che cosa si fa, se si è ben pagati, se è un lavoro faticoso ...e poi inventate voi). Tra i lavori che descrivete metteteci l'agricoltore e la casalinga perfavore.

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    1bricklayer muratore

    2actor attore

    3scavenger spazzino

    4dentist dentista

    5nurse infermiera

    6farmer agricoltore

    7housewife casalinga

    8waiter cameriere

    9cashier cassiere

    10teacher insegnante

    11oculist oculista

    12veterinary veterinario

    13hairdresser parrukkiere

    14stylist stilista

    15scientist scenziato


    17Hydraulic idrauliko

    18Police polixia

    19firefighter pompiere

    20cook cuoco

    **contadino-->The farmer (also called the farmer, especially in the past) is a person employed in agriculture as farming the land, which specializes in the cultivation of fruits, vegetables and cereals according to the climate and terrain. It can combine its activities with the breeding of poultry or livestock. The farmer may conduct its business as owner, tenant, sharecropper or employee of an agricultural enterprise.

    *parrucchiere-->Hairdresser is the term used to indicate the craftsman to cut and styling of the hair processed, in particular as regards the female sometimes takes care of the hair among men, although men traditionally prefer to go to the barber.In addition to cutting and washing hair, can carry out special processes such as staining with a dye for hair, brushing, use electrical appliances for ironing your hair or make a permanent and also, at the request of the lady, to prescribe, advise and recommend specific products for your hair. In the hairdresser's shop, when equipped as a beauty salon, these workers can be attached to the hair, skin care, nail care.

    *idraulico-->the plumber is someone who works with the tubes by applying the laws of hydraulics

    **insegnante-->Teacher comes from the Latin "docentem" accused of "docens" which in turn is the present participle of the verb "Docere" to mean: to know, teach, teach. It is comparable to the term teacher. Compared to the latter, however, involves a more direct reference to the technical and legal (rights, duties, functions and figure), attributed to the teacher within the school system and trade union organizations.

    **muraTORE-->The Mason is a specialist in the construction of masonry. It is one of the oldest professions in the world and popular, having been played in all ages and in all countries.

    **vveterinario-->Veterinary medicine is the branch of medicine that deals with studying health and disease of domestic animals

    ecco qui...forse ci ho impiegato un po ma il lavoro da fare era lunghissimo...


  • agricoltore: farmer

    The farmer is paid but not working to be self-sufficient. He must cultivate plants or other vegetables. Sometimes it also raises some animals.

    casalinga: housewife

    The home is not paid. She should just keep the house tidy, clean and wash dishes or clothes.

    giardiniere: gardener

    This work does not make much money. Is to tidy the garden of the owner. Working hours vary. The gardener usually has to collect the leaves and water the soil.

    commesso: committed

    The clerk is paid about 500 € per month. He needs to charge for the goods.

    impiegato: used

    The employee depends on a leader. According to the job varies his pay.It is not a difficult job to do

    infermiera: nurse

    The nurse plays an important and difficult work. She is well paid. Sometimes it has to work at night to help their patients.

    Ora quelli senza descrizione:

    Fioraio: florist

    Insegnante: teacher

    Dottore: doctor

    Dentista: dentist

    Assistente di volo: flight attendant

    Giostraio: carny

    Giornalaio: newsagent

    Subacqueo: Underwater

    Postino: postman

    Poliziotto: cop

    Militare: military

    Camionista: truck driver

    Fabbro: smith

    Meccanico: Mechanical

    Spero di esserti stata di aiuto..... ciao! :)

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