Mi correggete questa letterina in inglese?

Dear John,

how are you? I hope everything is okay. I want to tell you about an amazing thing that happened to me last month. I was in the library. The weather was sunny. It was such a wonderful day, but I had a lot of homework. I had to study math. I was so sad and bored! It was a torture for me. Suddenly I saw a beautiful guy. He was in the corner of the library. He was the most wonderful guy I’ve ever seen, I swear. He had charming blue eyes and blond hair.

He smiled at me. I smiled back. He came to me and asked what I was studying. In that moment, I couldn’t believe he was really talking to me! I thought it was just a dream, but it was real. He told me his name was John. This is such a strange coincidence! He asked if I wanted help with math. I accepted, of course. I realized he was smart, too. It was the first time in my life that I understood something about math without any problems!

After the homework, we took a coffee together in a little coffee bar next to the library. We talked about school, friendship, love. We had so many things in common. For a second I thought I felt in love with him. He could be the man of my life! At 7 o’clock, I had to go. My mother was waiting for me at home! I didn’t have the courage to ask him his mobile phone number.

I’ve never seen that guy anymore. I’m not disappointed about it, because I will always keep the memory of his beautiful smile. He made my day.

I know this is just a silly thing. There are more important things in life, but I wanted to tell you about this experience, because I trust you and I want to hear your opinion about it. Maybe one of these days we can see each other and take a coffee together. I will be in London next week! I need to know so many things about you.

Grazie mille davvero ;D

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    Tuo inglese sei molto buono. Tu hai molti condanna semplice sebbene. Io vedo uno errore. "Maybe one of these days we can see each other and take a coffee together." dovrebbe è " Maybe one of these days we can see each other and share a coffee together.

    Fonte/i: Mio madrelingua inglese Mi dispiace per mio italiano. Io sono nuovo al' Italiano
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