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Dear John,

how are you? I hope everything is okay. I want to tell you about an amazing thing that happened to me last month. I was in the library. The weather was sunny. It was such a wonderful day, but I had a lot of homework. I had to study math. I was so sad and bored! It was a torture for me. Suddenly I saw a beautiful guy. He was in the corner of the library. He was the most wonderful guy I’ve ever seen, I swear. He had charming blue eyes and blond hair.

He smiled at me. I smiled back. He came to me and asked what I was studying. In that moment, I couldn’t believe he was really talking to me! I thought it was just a dream, but it was real. He told me his name was John. This is such a strange coincidence! He asked if I wanted help with math. I accepted, of course. I realized he was smart, too. It was the first time in my life that I understood something about math without any problems!

After the homework, we took a coffee together in a little coffee bar next to the library. We talked about school, friendship, love. We had so many things in common. For a second I thought I felt in love with him. He could be the man of my life! At 7 o’clock, I had to go. My mother was waiting for me at home! I didn’t have the courage to ask him his mobile phone number.

I’ve never seen that guy anymore. I’m not disappointed about it, because I will always keep the memory of his beautiful smile. He made my day.

I know this is just a silly thing. There are more important things in life, but I wanted to tell you about this experience, because I trust you and I want to hear your opinion about it. Maybe one of these days we can see each other and take a coffee together. I will be in London next week! I need to know so many things about you.

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    I had a lot of homework TO DO

    It was LIKE a torture TO me

    He was ON the corner

    He WAS charm-blue eyed and blond haired

    AT that moment

    mathS.....ma se vuoi va bene anche math...:)

    Mobile number / phone number.....non c'è bisogno di dirli tutti e 2!

    I didn't see him anymore

    I'll always keep in mind.....X enfatizzare: I'll always keep stuck in my mind his beautiful smile

    Maybe one of these days we may meet up for a coffee

    Tutto sommato complimenti!!....chiaro e preciso!


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    10 anni fa

    He asked me if I wanted some help in math..

    Cosa vuol dire l'espressione He made my day ? Non la capisco molto.. non è che hai dimenticato un aggettivo ? Portresti mettere per esempio He made my day wonderful..

    Ciao un bacio.. è molto carina comunque :)

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    1) i was in library. 2) beautiful boy 3) on the corner 4) most wonderful boy 5) and he asked what... 6) at that moment 7) he told me his name, which was John oppure he told me his name: it was John. 8) he asked me 9) After having done my homework 10) we had a coup of coffee 11) that boy anymore 12) i will alway keep in mind his beautiful smile 13) he made my day !? 14) forse è meglio i trust in you

    15) and have a coup of coffee

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