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What is the relationship between VO2rest and METS?

Are the VO2 = 1 MET?

I ask you this because it's known that

1 MET = 3.5 ml/kg/min ( the oxygen cost of sitting quietly)

but in a VO2rest test (with a professional clinic with indirect calorimetry) I obtained

VO2rest = 2,12 ml/kg/min

I know that "1 MET = 3.5 ml/kg/min " is a "convention" experimentally derived from the resting oxygen consumption of a particular subject (a healthy 40-year-old, 70 kg man).

So, since I'm an obeset (110kg) 52 years old woman, and my VO2rest = 2,12 ml/kg/min, can i say that for me

1 MET = VO2rest = 2,12 ml/kg/min ?????????

Thanks everybody!


...but reading the abstract of this article

which aim was to "evaluate VO2max and METs in healthy elderly women, and to establish whether the calculated resting VO2 (3.5 ml/min/kg) underestimates the true METs", are the true METs what I mean previously?

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    No, you can not take a standard unit of measure and change it to fit your own physiological "convention." Why didn't you just ask the professionals at the clinic you took these tests at?

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