What push you to come back to a website? What's attractive and addictive?

I'm investigating on the elements that attract people on a website and what elements push people to come back (e.g. because I can see feedback from my friends ...).

Platform as Facebook, twitter and others are checked by users more than once per day. Why? What people are looking for? What elements attract them and remind them to come back?

What's your experience? Do you think there are some elements/payoff that every website/platform/service can't miss ?


forget about design, simplicity and all of this stuff that are obvious. What behaviour, tendency, elements are addictive? E.g. see if someone commented my post; se others people lives; gain rating points... whatever...

Something can be easy and nice but boring. What's the stuff that makes it exciting and addictive?

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  • 9 anni fa
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    needs to be simply and easy to use. has to be interactive and allow some kind of community of sorts. must look modern aswell

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