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What specific genre of jazz would the song "Everybody Wants to be a Cat" from Aristocats be?

I'm trying to play the type of jazz stations that are very much like this song, but I don't know specifically what to type in...?

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    One of the things about jazz is that it is "how" you play it, not "what" you play.

    The original version of the song from the movie (and most cover versions) is swing style, because a lot of jazz is swing style. I love Disney for using jazz in a lot of movies. I have experimented and played "Everybody Wants to be a Cat" as a Latin style, but it could be played as any style. Jazz is fluid. I think of it as a whimsical piece with that double-entendre title and used to get a lot of requests for it from kids.

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    i does no longer strategies a separate metallic area. I mean, i individually have not got time maximum days to scroll via pages of R&P inquiries to discover some metallic questions, so normally I merely verify my touch's answer's (like despite they have replied) and do an advance seek for "metallic". So, something that my contacts have not considered and would not arise in my seek would not get regarded at via me. case in point, if somebody asks "who's your sought after Melodeath band?", till one in all my contacts solutions, i'm unlikely to work out it. I mean, Y/A possibly won't make a metallic area interior the close to destiny, so it is unlike i bypass to whinge approximately no longer having one, besides the incontrovertible fact that it would be mind-blowing to rather have a extra subtle area like "metallic and Punk" or some thing. MQ2 - Nope. I tremendously lots carry on with metallic.

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