Aiuto ! esercizi di inglese con il Present Simple?

Salve, da come avrete notato ho delle difficoltà con questi 2 esercizi con il Present Simple e gli avverbi di luogo e vi sarei grato se mi aiuterete:

Write the questions using the Present Simple then answer them.

1 ( esempio) where/you/live ?

Where do you live ? I live in Parma.

2 What/your parents/do ?

3 What time/you/get up/ in the morning ?

4 you/like/go/ to the cinema?

5 Where/you and your friends/ have lunch?

6 How many hours of TV/ you/ watch/ in the evening ?

7 What time/ school/ finish ?

8 How much physical exercise/ you/ do in week ?

Put the words in the correct order and write the sentences.

1 ( esempio) never o home Sam Friday night at stays

Sam never stays at home on Friday night.

2 Saturday Jim’s family pizza often have evening on.

3 always breakfast Helen cornflakes does for have ?

4 evening we the usually TV watch in

5 shop always this afternoon is busy Saturday on

6 you sometimes angry sister does your get with ?

7 the friends hardly ever to go my cinema

8 home I at never call you’re when

Grazie in anticipo per l’aiuto che mi darete

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    2. What do your parents do? They are teachers.

    3. What time do you get up in the morning? I get up at 06.00

    4. Do you like going to the cinema? Yes, I do.

    5. Where do you and your friends have lunch? We have lunch in a fast food restaurant.

    6. How many hours of TV do you watch in the evening? I watch it for two hours.

    7. What time does school finish? It finishes at 14.00

    8. How much physical exercise do you do in the week?

    2. On Saturday evening Jim's family has often pizza.

    3. Does Helen have always cornflakes for breakfast?

    4. In the evening we usually watch TV.

    5. On Saturday afternoon this shop is always busy.

    6. Do you sometimes get angry with your sister?

    7. My friends hardly go to the cinema.

    8. I never call when you're at home.

  • 9 anni fa

    Ciao! ecco le frasi!!!

    what do your parents do?

    what time do you get up in the morning?

    do you like going to the cinema?

    where do you and your friends have lunch?

    how many hours of tv do you watch in the evening?

    what time does school finish?

    how much physical exercices do you do in a week?

    on Saturday evening Jim's family often have pizza

    does Helen often have cornflakes for breakfast?

    we usually watch TV in the evening

    shop is always busy in Saturday afternoon

    does you sister sometimes get angry with you?

    my friends ever go hardly to the cinema (penso sia cosi...)

    i never call you when you're at home

    Fonte/i: me stessa:)
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