Can't remember the title of an 'horror' tv serie...?

Hi everybody! I can't remember the title of an 'horror' tv serie of some years ago (somewhen around '2003-2006)... I think it was distributed by FOX. The main character is a detective and his wife was killed by a strange black furry creature while he was driving down a road in the desert... he found then a 'symbol/mark' on the corpse...

I remember an episode in which him is investigating a serie of murders which repeats something like every 15-20 years since a century ago... he finds that the culprit is a very old woman which eats people face to stay young (she use her son, a doctor, to get medicinal to paralyze her victims...)...

Does anybody know the title?

Thanks :D


Yeah wolfmano that's it ty sooooo much :D

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    Sounds like the remake of The Night Stalker. It was about an Investigative reporter who after his wife was killed by a beast became entangled in the world of the Paranormal.

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