in a few days I will make a trip to new york and then move to texas and stay there for a month or so.I do not care about the hours of journey (though many are) but I am worried about the reaction of the inhabitants of those places, so what do you think about Italians?

I know that my "race" is repudiated by all over the world, but I wanted to know from you what you think.

Meanwhile, I would like to take this opportunity to ask what I could visit beautiful in new york and texas, in addition to goals given by the Agency!

P.s. w jersey shore;)

Thank you very much to all!

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    I think we Italians is presumptuous. You can't possibly know that everyone sitting in their little chair reading their little screens is Italian,

    so you should be very careful with "We."

    Because you made me feel excluded.

    I'm a castle in a king.

    Italians are very Italian though. They eat food, and breathe and live and... I really like italians the more i think about it.

    i have a lot in common.

    siamo tutti italiani.

    (We are all Italians)

    For those of you who are reading the other comments (pervs!)

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    Italy is the home of artistry, it is their function and they are very good at it. The most beautiful women in the world are Italians.

    On the other hand, the thinnest book in the world is "Italian War Heroes". And Italy holds the distinction of being the first European nation to lose a war to Africans in a straight-up fight.

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    Jesus buddy, if your friendly with a perfect sense of humor and feel like giving them 50 bucks, they aren't going to hate you. They don't judge people by nationality but by personality

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    Loud talkers!

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    food is good

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