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aiuto urgente in inglese!? D:?

ragazzi ho bisogno di informazioni abba curiose sul tè inglese, in inglese e possibilmente con lessico semplice e chiaro. grazie milleee!! (su google in inglese e su wiki in ing mi sembra tutto trooppo incasinato..)

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    The tea (also spelled the) is a beverage consisting of an infusion or decoction made ​​from the leaves (sometimes mixed with spices, herbs or essences) from a woody plant, the Camellia sinensis, which is grown mainly in China, India, Sri Lanka, Japan and Kenya. The use of ceremonial and tea are associated with traditional Chinese and Japanese. Other country known for the consumption of tea, the United Kingdom, which has made it almost a national symbol.

    The tea tastes slightly bitter and astringent and is the world's most popular beverage after water.

    The six basic types of tea are:

    -black tea,

    -green tea,




    All varieties are derived from the leaves of the same plant, but are created through different treatments and have different degrees of oxidation (commonly called "fermentation"). The teas are teas blacks "fermented", the green tea is "unfermented" and oolong are "semi-fermented". Once dried, the tea can be further processed to give rise to: flavored tea, compressed tea and decaffeinated tea.

    The term "herbal tea" is sometimes referred to an infusion containing fruit or herbs rather than extracts of Camellia sinensis.Il term "red tea" is also commonly referred to karkadé or infusion of rooibos in South Africa, that contain no Camellia sinensis .

    Fonte/i: ciao,spero d'esserti stata d'aiuto :=)
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