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    Few days ago I went into a small building in the suburbs, small but well decorated, to make a little party for my thirteenth birthday. It was really small, with seven round tables, with a stand that looked like roots, curled at the tip. They were covered by a thin cloth embroidered with a flower-shaped design around the edges, chopped wave. The floor was made of cherry wood, painted dark red. four shelves on the walls: a small cupboard of maple wood, with a roof and two curly red glasses, lived not far from the door. There were dishes in the cupboard with a gold edge, ceramic, and 25 cm tall glasses. The other two were large tables, ceramic jugs with gold-rimmed, saucer-like, full of various kinds of juices, coca-cola and lemonade. I remember Alex, just arrived, when he saw all those drinks and did not resittette indigestion crazy, so much so that he never came back at that posto.Infine, the ultimate "mobile" in the shop was a huge bar, rectangular and color green moss. Above we saw tuna sandwiches, butter, ham, squid and shrimp, all kinds of sweets, drinks and even some ham and cheese sandwich. The atmosphere, with that color on the walls, it looked really exciting. but what gave him most joy was the music of Michael Jacson, who continually cheered the participants. Even if so, I was a great desire to dance, which grew with every change of music. After a few minutes the atmosphere that was created was this: people dancing, singing, stuffing or made ​​me compliments. Needless to say that the party was more fun in my life ..

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