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How much would a Kurilian Bobtail cat cost?

A cat, not a kitten. Just the approximate price (preferably in pounds, but anything you can find is fine). I've googled it but can't find anything. Thank you in advance (:

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    Well the only way to get an adult one would be through a breeder that is selling one of their retired breeding cats at 3 years old or so. With the breed JUST being accepted with TICA there's VERY few breeders and probably NONE that have cats that are ready to retire.

    So the answer? Very unlikely you can find one anywhere at any price. Kittens START at around $1,000.

    Fonte/i: One of my friends breeds Pixiebobs and Kurulian Bobtails.
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  • I don't know if there are any breeders in the UK. Something else to consider is that the Kurilian Bobtail is not a breed recognised by the GCCF. You wouldn't be able to enter the cat for any of their shows and getting official paperwork to prove pedigree could be a problem.

    You might find a breeder who is registered with TICA in the UK. They are less discriminating about which breeds they recognise.

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    Kurilian Bobtail Kittens

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    We breed Kurilian Bobtails..and have Champion Bloodlines..currently we have 3 kittens available for sale,too...2 are considered Pet Quality and they are $1000 each and we have one that is Show/Breeder Quality that looks just like His Supreme Grand Champion Regional Winner Sire who is from Russia....and he is $2500 ...Please email: for more info, we are registered with TICA and ACFA...CatPal Cattery

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    e-mail :


    I don't know the price, but here's a breeder's email and the website. Happy hunting. :) I never heard of this rare breed, and they ARE beautiful. Bet they cost a lot.

    Fonte/i: links included
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