Does anyone know the lyrics of the song "Prison Inside" by Urban Tales?

Here, this is the song...

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I tried to find them but I didn't....


@Wendigo: I'm asking for the lyrics, not the chords...

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    If they have been published by the writer/arranger, then the best chance you will have to find the chord sheet music would be through a local musical instrument shop. Providing sheet music is a part of their business, as well as having various type of sheet music on hand or available to students. Getting from online source is going to be questionable in its being complete, and accurate. Call some off the various shops in your area, and see if anyone has it, or will order it for you. What you get through a shop will be far more dependable. Otherwise you can try contacting the person who uploaded, or recorded it, and ask for a copy it.

    As its under copyright, it both illegal and a violation of the T of A and Community Guidelines to request, and, or to assist in anything that involves piracy. Doing so can result in the suspension of a user's account, if caught, and reported.

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