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Travel as an Air Courier?

Hi guys! Can anybody help me? I saw on several websites the possibility to have a discounted flight flying as Air Courier, do you have any info? THX!


What do you mean with "almost"? who is still using this system?

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    That is a relatively old job, before emails and UPS/FedEx. Now its so much easier and cheaper for someone to email, fax, or mail a document than send it with a courier. Plus even if you managed to get that job (which is pretty much nonexistent nowadays), you would have to go wherever the letter goes, and you would stay there for 24hrs max. Its not like free vacations.

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    Almost non existant now...........the internet can send most any document to anywhere securely.........packages are rarely lost and DHL along with UPS are inexpensive and reliable..............the romance is over........

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